Staying busy

Hey peeps!  I’ve been busy lately.  Well, busy in my world.  I had forgotten what it’s like to work 8 hours, keep your house clean, make dinner and prep your meals.  I have found if I make my breakfast the night before I have more time in the morning.  Then there is that thing of fitting 2 workouts in a day.  Wow, i’m beat!

The job is still going good.  I’ve been shadowing alot of people and learning different things.  My boss is in NC this week because they opened another business there.  I can’t wait until he’s back next week so he can point me in the right direction on what I should be doing.  Today was the bible study day.  You get an hour lunch regardless of if you go or not.  They cater food in every Thursday and you get 3 breaks that day.  They really treat their employees great.


I wore a pair of jeans that I wore on Monday again today.  I swear they are tighter.  I just don’t know what’s happening with my body but I can’t give up.  I told Tony I think it’s the yogurt.  It may be mental but I swear when I eat it I get fat.  I’m not talking bloated i’m talking muffin top.  So he gave me something to put in it’s place. 


I’m drinking half a Kombucha right now 😀


Are you watching Big Brother 12?  Mike and I have watched every season.


If a man evolved from apes and monkeys then why do we still have those monkeys around?




  1. Angela

    Hello!!! Im home!!! Im all caught up on your blog since sunday 🙂 SO glad the job is going well and you got to talk to T 🙂 And how sweet of mike with the flowers…he’s a keeper 😉

    I missed ya!!!!

    • I missed you too!

  2. Your job sounds really cool. And it sounds like you are liking it which is the most important thing.

    I’ve been splitting my workouts for a couple of years now. It definitely took me some time to figure out how to schedule things without feeling like a maniac. I know you will figure out what works.

    I’ve got a thought about the jeans: it most definitely could be fluid shifts now that you have more of a “desk job” but I’m guessing that once you settle into your routine, you will be feeling like yourself again (yogurt or no yogurt!). Hope you have a great Friday!

  3. Being busy just sucks!

    and your last “question”–made me laugh. Not sure if that was the point, but it did!

  4. Glad the job is goin good!! I know….things certainly change when 8 hours of your precious life is taken away each day.

  5. Julia

    …so, you were probably kidding, but….we still have monkeys and apes because we didn’t evolve from monkeys and apes and other primates; we share a common ancester, which is different…think of it this way, there was once only single cell bacteria in existence, and all life evolved from that, but people never say, well then why do we still have bacteria
    the monkeys and apes that we evolved from are different from the monkeys and apes and other primal critters that exist today

    sorry, I have no idea what prompted me to comment, haha

    also, i doubt the yogurt is making you fat, you’ve posted some pictures somewhat recently and i expressly remembered thinking that you looked great

    • Yes I was kidding 😀 I know how we were created and I do not believe it was from monkeys or apes or anything dealing with science.

  6. you’re hot, just remember that 🙂

  7. So glad Julia responded to the monkey and ape question. I was going to but she did a much better job.

    Guess what? I got a job, too! I start August 2 — let the juggling begin!

    • Hooray and congrats!!!

  8. I feel tired dang near everyday! Keep pushing…it will be worth it!

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