My hips don’t lie

I hope you are having a good weekend.  It’s nice here and I should be outside or something.  You know when people ask you what you have planned for the weekend I never thought this would be my plan.

Okay this was taken after the Tool concert but it’s what I did all day yesterday.  I walked Boomer for maybe 20 mins and that’s all the activity I got.  Besides going to Target in the morning 😉


I’m trying to figure out if it’s something I ate or what.  My stomach has been in distress after everything I eat it swells up again.   I eat the same things everyday and haven’t had a problem until yesterday.  It could have been the HUGE salad I ate Friday night.  It was good.  Mike ate pizza.

Mmmmm….I normally don’t eat cheese but since i’m getting fatter anyway I thought what the heck.  I know, wrong attitude.

Of course he felt fine yesterday after eating this and wings.  There are 3 pieces in the fridge leftover.


I took pictures yesterday for Tony.  I admit I cried afterwards.  How did I get this way again?  I’m chalking it up to medicine for IBS, selling and moving stress, finding a job stress, and possibly the 3 beers I drank this summer.  I felt fine at the Tool concert.   My clothes were fitting things were great and then last week happened.  If I kept track of my weight I would swear I gained 10 lbs last week for real.  My clothes don’t fit and my boobs are big for me 😉

I know it’s hard to tell in this picture but I think I may be a full A. 

Can you say muffin top?  It just really pees me off because I feel like I do so much more than the results I get.


Will I care about this when i’m 50?  Will I ever give my mind a break? 


I know this is a crappy post but it’s mostly for me to remember where I was at this time.  First week back to work and i’m not looking back.  My life is coming together so I know my body will too.

Thanks for listening 🙂


On a brighter note I tried the Archer Farms Maple Vanilla and it’s making me happy!!!  Thanks for the alert Naomi!



  1. Evelyne

    Aw, hon, being a woman sucks sometimes, don’t it? Tomorrow will be a better day!

  2. Keep your head up! I know it’s hard when you’re exercising and eating right and yet you still don’t feel the results (I’m in the same boat, especially with the feelings about the lower sides of my body) — it’s so much easier to focus in on the negatives about the situation. But try to think of the positives, you’re exercising and eating right and eventually your body will catch up and you will be feeling much much better about yourself! I know it’s easier said than done, especially when it comes to feeling good in your own body.

    I’m wondering the same thing too about when I get older. I know it’s an obsession of mine to “feel” good in my skin now.. I really don’t want to continue thinking these thoughts for the rest of my life. It’s exhausting and is very controlling — bad thoughts need to go away!

  3. Angela

    Hey, you got boobs 😉

    I know exactly how you are feeling….and its good that you are documenting it…cause when you feel unstoppable, its fun to look back and see when you felt like crap 😉

    Im here for you 🙂 HUGS!

  4. Hang in there! Adjusting back to work has worn you out. I know what you mean about the wondering if how you look will always matter so much. Will it every go away? I am really hoping not ’cause it is quite exhausting. Hopefully your tummy troubles will settle down. That salad and pizza look delish! Pizza is my MAJOR weekend ’cause I LUV cheese.

  5. hayleycepeda

    April I feel so sad after looking at these pics and NOT because I am seeing what you’re seeing!!! You are TINY and WHAT muffin top?!?! are so so so hard on yourself and a part of me wants to reach through my computer and give you a big hug and the other part wants me to shake you! You are so frickin’ tiny and cute and you DON’T have reason to feel fat! It’s not 3 beers that you drank (over the whole summer?!) or one slice of pizza. I don’t mean to sound shrinkish here (I swear I’m trying to make you feel better!) but maybe you’re stressed about other stuff and kind of projecting it onto the mirror when you see your reflection.

    I do feel for you on the stomach issue stuff…maybe that huge salad was just a buttload of fiber and your body hasn’t uh – “released” it yet?? 🙂


  6. Oh April, I agree with Haley’s comment above. You are so, so hard on yourself. You are in terrific shape but somehow you can’t see that right now.

    I find in dealing with my own unpredictable belly issues that when I get stressed or over-fatigued I usually have a terrible episode. Strangely, I also find a half glass of beer or soda to be soothing for the bloat. Not sure why.

    Be kind to yourself…don’t wait until you are 50!! Start today 🙂

  7. Becca

    So, I’m a little late with the comments but just logging into other ppls blogs for the first time in FOREVER. All I have to say is: YOU LOOK GREAT BUT I UNDERSTAND. Sometimes we cannot see what others do. I feel ya.
    OH and I still haven’t been to the post office to send you your maca stuff but i haven’t forgotten! It’s sitting on my desk and I see it daily, and think of you. That has to count for something right? LOL

  8. I’m late too, girl but i’m with your buds above – you are hard on yourself and you DO look fabulous, but I know you’re only comparing yourself to yourself and what you work for. You’re awesome and it will all shake out soon – you’ve been through A LOT of life changes lately!

  9. You look wonderful, girl! Don’t be so hard on yourself…learn to love your body, and the fact that you’re healthy and strong! *hug*

  10. ANA

    so your working with Tony again or you never stopped 🙂 Im still reading just wanted to say hello~

    • Yep, im still with Tony. 3 and 1/2 years now 🙂

  11. ANA

    so your working with Tony again or you never stopped 🙂 Im still reading just wanted to say hello~ kool


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