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I forgot to mention yesterday at lunch I went to Target!  YIPPEE!  This will make lunch break more fun 🙂  Today though I walked their walking path.  Just once is 1.25 miles I believe.  I’ll have to borrow Mike’s GPS and make sure.


So this morning Aunt Flo came.  She hasn’t visited in 2 years except I think in May she was here for 2 hours.  This explains my EXTREME tiredness Saturday and my “whoa is me” time.  I feel much better now that I know the reason.

This picture is just wrong.  If you know me you aren’t surprised.  Tonight calls for a protein cake….the old good way.


I got up this morning and did 35 mins of cardio and when I got home I did my shoulder crit.  Crit stands for cardio resistance interval training and I love them!!!!  I’m hoping this type of training will show some amazing results in a few weeks….or months.  You never know with this body.

If you were the opposite sex for one day, what would you look like and what would you do? 

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  1. It came for 2 hours?? What in the world?? LOL

    Uhh if I was a guy for a day.. umm.. I think you can figure out what’d I’d do!! hahaha

  2. Ah, the cardio & interval training… that says it all!

    As for being a guy.. I would still be fit.. that is about as far as I am going! 🙂

  3. That Aunt Flo is a total biotch!! 😉 I’m way behind on my blog reading girl. Missed your sass!!

    • I’m behind too. That’s why we just need to meet up at Starbucks or something 😉

  4. two years?? are you on that pill that gives you aunt flow like once a decade?

    • No pills. I’ve never even been on BC. My body just let me experience menopause for a bit 😉

  5. Funny little story, when I’m on my rag my boyfriend calls it “the sickness” haha.

    Glad you got your period though! It’s always good to know your body is working like it should 🙂

  6. I love Target…it’s scary how much money I can spend there when I only go in to pick up some toilet paper!

  7. haha that image IS so wrong – love it!

    I also love Target lunch breaks! Today I skipped my walk for a visit to Home Depot and Sports Authority. 🙂

    That’s a burning question! I guess I’d be tall with dark hair and dark eyes (since that’s what i’m attracted to) and i’d probably run once a week and do abs once a week while eating whatever I want yet STILL staying in sick shape. I’d also do TONS of push ups, pull ups and dips (just because I could) I hate boys. haha

  8. 1. you know I love me some Target time! how cool that it is so close to work 🙂

    2. sick but true: I am totally jealous that your Aunt Flo arrived. 2.5 years and still counting….boo!

    3. if I were a guy for a day, I’d probably eat all kinds of food because my stomach probably wouldn’t be so darn sensitive and my metabolism would be killer!

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