Empty stomach and intervals

I was asked what kind of cardio I do in the morning.  It really depends on how my legs are feeling but I really try to do interval training.  1 minute fast walk and then one minute run.  It makes the time fly too.  Some days I will do HIIT which I do 1 minute off, 20-30 secs on at full speed.  Why intervals?

Epoc..what is it?

EPOC stands for Excess Postexercise Oxygen Consumption, and it refers to the boost in metabolism, or calories and fat burning, that comes after a workout.

When you train, you burn calories to fuel your muscles, but when you´re done, your body keeps burning more calories and fat than normal.

This is due to the process involved in recovery: after exercise, your body must repair damaged muscle fibers, restock muscle glycogen levels, remove lactic acid from the muscles, etc. All these processes require calories, and a lot of those calories may come from bodyfat.

High Intensity Interval Training boosts EPOC much more than cardio done at one steady intensity level.

Why empty stomach cardio?

So I don’t hurl my food for one.  Another is i’m always in the mindset that my body is burning from my fat stores instead of burning off my food.  I don’t lift weights on an empty stomach.  I need some energy for that.  I’m not lifting pink dumbbells.

16 weeks until Kentucky Muscle!  I did 60 mins of cardio this morning.  I will do my bi/tris tomorrow and Boomer and I will go for our 4 mile run in the morning before the REAL HOT weather presumes.


When do you like to do your cardio?  I do mine right when I get up, then after work I do weights with more intense cardio 🙂



  1. I could never lift on an empty stomach either! Today I ate and my stomach was still growling during my workout!

    I never like to do my cardio!! haha. But I’d say in the mid morning sometime!

  2. well,coming from a cardio queen,i like to do AM cardio on an empty stomach,mid morning HIIT after a workout and during prep,i like LSD in the eveningtime and on the weekends!

    nothing like a 10 mile run on a sunday morning!

  3. I have always worked out on an empty stomach since 24 hour gyms started & I could go EARLY. I feel sick with food in my stomach even with my hard core workouts. Just the way I am so…. cardio, weights, whatever it is is ealry morn!

  4. I do my cardio after my weight session! I don’t work out in the morning so there’s always something in my belly. Unless it’s Bikram yoga!

  5. You and I have the same weird tummy issues- I too like to do cardio in the morning EMPTY TUMMY. I have to be empty tummy or I’m in pain.
    I don’t find that I need to eat before weights but who knows? This could change…no pink dumbbells for us!! 😉

  6. ANA

    april are you doing bikini or figure?

    • bikini

  7. I think to digress means to get off the subject…..maybe!

    I think you have the perfect body for bikini!!



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