I have been getting a measily unemployment check for the past 16 months.  In that time Mike and I were still able to take vacations and buy a kick azz new house.  GO US!  Take that Dave Ramsey.  We are very good with our dough.  We don’t make stupid decisions and if one of us are thinking about doing something stupid(Mike) the other makes him realize it’s a bad idea.


I will admit he has done things during my jobless time to help our situation out.  No more BMW, no golf, generic Cheerios, selling his motorcycle wearing Spongebob boxers until there are holes in them, and most of all making me feel comfortable.  What did I do?  Kept Tony, went to Nature’s Pharm alot to buy my goods,  and kept buying my fresh chicken, but I NEVER asked him for money.  I told you all I was selfish and I wasn’t lying.


So what am I going to do with my first real paycheck?

  • went to Whole Foods during lunch yesterday(this could be dangerous)
  • buy NON generic paper towels
  • buy REAL Honey Nut Cheerios
  • buy new treadmill shoes(mine are now work shoes)


Fact:  Each 5 mins spent in Whole Foods costs $11.52


  1. ANA

    cute post April. my pay got cut 20% for 18 months so i know the feeling!

  2. LOL at buying the brand name stuff 😀

    Real paychecks are awesome, well… at least as long as they last at any rate.

  3. Oh I totally believe that on the time and money spent in that place. Sounds like you have a great man!

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