I digress….

I’m not sure what that really means but I don’t think i’ve ever used it before so today is the day.  Boomer and I went on our 45 mins walk, run, jog, sprint, pee on a hydrant even though we’re girls, and drink from the reservoir this morning.  It was a nice sweaty one.  I DID eat before that.  Just not on the weekdays on my treadmill with a big litre of water in front of me 😉   I was soaked in sweat.

Ugh…that’s gross.  Then I wondered what my back looked like.

Sweet, almost like a jack-o-latern.


373 cals

Max 178

Avg 152


When I got back I made Mike breakfast.

I caught him right before he mixed it all together.  He’s weird like that.  Everything he eats he mixes.


Then I went to Kohl’s to get shoes for work.  Do they even make shoes to walk in anymore that aren’t tone or shape ups?  I mean seriously.  You aren’t conning me into spending $120 for shoes that are suppose to make me think i’m “toning” my legs.  I did end up with these.

L.A. Gear Walk N Tone Privilege Walking Shoes 

Click here for info.  They were cheap and comfortable.


I also did my biceps and triceps workout.


399 calories

Max 165

Min 130


I figured I would have burned more calories during my cardio this morning.  I see people who burn 800 calories or 1000 calories and I used to burn 1100 when prepping for my first show doing 3 workouts a day.  Oh well, I guess that’s the way my body rolls.


What shoe are you sporting these days?



  1. Hey your legs look awesome!! Mine kind of just look..blah.. like they don’t have any tone to them. I’m trying to build up my quads!!

    For some reason I burn more cals lifting than I do cardio too. But maybe that’s because I can go longer lifting since I get rest. hmmm..

    • Your legs will get there. I got 15 years on ya 😉

    • HA! I just saw “the new beefcake april” LOL!!!

  2. kat

    I am such a sweater, so I always look like that! Sounds like you had such an awesome workout though! I def burn a lot during my weights workouts because I do p90x so its pretty tough!

    • I’ve thought of trying Insanity to see if I like it. I LOVE cardio!!

  3. I sweat like crazy after my runs too! I don’t burn as many calories lifting as cardio as I find it harder to get my heart rate up really high!

  4. I love when I sweat a lot! makes me feel like I actually did something!

    ive been wearing nike lunarglides!

  5. I am a weirdo but I love to sweat it up! LOL And you look so healthy and fit.

  6. Ha, my mom mixes everything on her plate too!! I sometimes do, but I know people who get really grossed out by the whole idea of combining foods 😛

    I still where converse chuck taylors, even though I’m not 15 anymore and can probably no longer get away with it…

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