It’s one of those days

Mike said I need a hen.  Obviously 10 dozen eggs is ridiculous to him.

Today has been a GREAT day!  The alarm went off at 5:01a.  I closed my eyes after I shut the alarm off.  At 5:03a I decided my butt won’t shrink on it’s own.  So I got down to the treadmill.  I swear after morning workouts I feel the best ever.  I think that’s why I enjoy them so much.


After work I had a KILLER leg workout.  My workouts last week and this week are amazing!!!  I’m loving every minute of it.  Okay, that would be a lie.  I do hate working biceps but I am doing it.


Things are going super on the job front!  I should have my own computer and desk by the end of the week and have my planner status back 😀


Do you like baths or showers?  I’m a shower person.  I don’t like bathing in my filth.

What do you do when (you think) no one is looking?  Hmmm….I used to have a spitting habit and I still do it occasionally.  I don’t care who’s looking so I guess that doesn’t count.  Picking my nose is too obvious.  Feel my pecs.  Those are my proudest muscle.  Since I don’t have woman boobs i’m proud of the muscle cleavage i’ve made myself.  You girls that have boobs….you didn’t earn them 😉



  1. LOL…we need a chicken coop! And we will get one once we move. We got through 5 doz a week too. And I waste my yolks. LOL like the pec feeling. I do it too and I make everyone else feel them! I have boobs but after nursing 2 kids, they aren’t where they should be! So I have double boobs! haha. Tim made the comment the other day because my pecs are up top and my “boobs” are below 😦 But when no one is looking, I flex (in a mirror) my hopeful abs…peeking to see if they are there yet!

  2. 10 dozen eggs? Seriously? How long before you go through all of those?

    I lick sharp knives when no one is looking to not waste what is on them LOL!

    • I’m guessing 13 days 🙂 Maybe 12 since I used some for Mike Sunday.

  3. Hi friend! I am a total shower person. I don’t like baths much at all. I am glad your workouts are going well. I am struggling with mine this week. All I want to do is run:) I know, I know.

    RE: what I do when no one is looking – rest. 🙂

  4. I buy 10 dozen too 🙂

    I usually only take baths in the winter and its not a “to get clean” bath…its more of a “im freezing and i want to be warm and cozy before bed” bath 😉

    Either that or my legs are aching me from all the cardio that i need to soak them.

  5. Kat

    Haha funny story…my sister bought my hubby a shakeweight for his bday as a joke lol It was so funny to see his face!

  6. Sylvia

    I love how you call them “chesticles” LOL! First time I said that my husband almost fell over laughing. You feel’em up all you want, like you said you EARNED them 😛

  7. I like showers better!

    I talk to myself. Well really I talk out loud to prep for convos I need to have (usually for work). LOL

  8. Showers! I agree, its kind of like sitting in dirty water with a bath. 😦

    I agree I feel much better and somehow am more productive during the day if I exercise first thing – I got my ass to the pool TWO DAYS in a row!

  9. I envy your commitment to early morning workouts! I seem to be getting lazier by the minute 😦

    Definitely a shower person.

    When no one is looking I tend to eat nut butter straight from the jar with a spoon. I guess at least it’s not regular butter!

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