The power of stretching

I did deadlifts Friday.  I ran alot Saturday.  I ran alot Sunday.  Yesterday I did legs.  Something is pulled in the back of my knee.  Why?  I don’t stretch.  There…I said it.  I’m the worst at stretching.  I feel it’s a waste of time until something happens.

I had a terrific shoulder workout with some kick butt intervals this afternoon and a great cardio this morning.  I did it with my hurt knee/hamstring area.  Did I stretch?  Um…a little bit.  It’s nothing a little Tiger Balm won’t cure.  I may not do EMC in the morning but I probably will.  My internal clock is rearing to go at 4:45a these days and I’m excited about cardio!!!!

That’s me in the morning 😀 


Alligator meat is VERY lean.  Leaner than bison and elk.  You learn something in the mornings watching the news on the treadmill 😉

Calories 110
Calories From Fat 20
Total Fat 2 g
Saturated Fat .5 g
Cholesterol 55 mg
Sodium 55 mg
Total Carbohydrates 0 g
Protein 24 g


Have you had alligator meat?  I’d try it.

Do you stretch?

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  1. Stretching…yeah…that’s something we had to do in gym class. I hate to do it now. I tried to stretch this morning before me workout but it will take awhile to become a habit. The hard part was to come clean about my “problem” lol

  2. holy i hope that picture is fake.

    I actually love stretching. Maybe it goes back to my gymnastics days but I think it feels so good.

  3. I love alligator. Taste like shark, kinda. and yes….I desperately need to stretch. I am TIGHT!

  4. I’ve never tasted alligator but now I’m intrigued.

    I need some guar gum and may need to take you up on your offer this wk!

  5. In Singapore, they have this alligator farm. And they actually sell alligator meat in local grocery stores. I regret not trying it!

  6. I am big time stretcher…it is crucial for my running. I am actually sort of anal about it. Of course. And re: aligator- where do you get this from?

  7. No on alligater meat.. & I think it will sat that way! 🙂

    Stretching… a HUGE YES!!!!!!!!! I am just saying that as you age, you are gonna wish you stretched… just saying! 😉

  8. Seems like alligator meat would be very very chewy.

    Stretching: definitely yes. I grew up stretching every day because of gymnastics and still do it to help with my running. It’s also supposed to be really beneficial in keeping your cerebral spinal fluid flowing and your spine “young.” We shall see.

  9. hmm alligator i haven’t tried it but i’d be willing to!

    i love to stretch, i use it as a way to wind down though rarely at the end of a workut, more just throughout my day

  10. we had alligator on a stick at the state fair last year… maybe i’ll try it this summer!!

  11. I would totally try alligator meat. After 8 years as a vegetarian, I am making up for lost time. No animal is safe around me 😛

    Have you tried foam rolling? It massages out your muscles and is a little more active than stretching, so you don’t get bored and uninterested 🙂

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