Half way to 70

That is how old Mike says I am now.

I had another awesome birthday thanks to my mom.  For 35 years i’ve never gone without one.  I’m talking cake, presents and the whole nine yards. (another expression I don’t get)

She got my favorite flower.

Made my favorite meal.

Taco salad!

This darn 3 would NOT blow out!!! 

Mom, dad, Rachel and Mike played cornhole.  Me, my aunt and grandma were spectators.

I got lots of birthday moolah and went to Nature’s Pharm 🙂

Whole Foods, Shmole Foods, Trader Joe’s Shrader Joe’s, they’ve got NOTHING on my little Nature’s Pharm.


This morning Boomer and I are heading out for a 4 miler.  I’m going to make Mike a breakfast pizza!!


Do you still have birthday parties?  I used to go out with my friends but haven’t for many years.  One of my friends who moved to Florida about 5 years ago is moving back.  I may be in trouble.  We used to be deadly together HA!



  1. Happy birthday mi amiga peliroja! 😉 I am definitely all for birthday parties… I just wish they could still be as easy as sleepovers and sprinkles yogurt for breakfast : D

  2. Happy Birthday! I mostly just go out to dinner with family for B Day. Haven’t had a cake in a while but mj makes a really good one from scratch that I want from now on!

  3. Happy Birthday Hot Stuff!! I am all about pimping out my own birthday and I always have some kind of party, because I’m shameless that way. 😉

  4. Happy birthday April!!! Taco salad and cake sound like a perfect way to celebrate 🙂 I used to go all out for my b-days when I was younger too, but now I find I have more fun at home with my mom. Plus, I guess it’s kind of a big day for my mom too 😉

    By the way, you look gorgeous in the photo from the last post!!

  5. Awww happy birthday! Looks like a terrific and laid back day with fam. I let everyone know it’s my birthday and like to think it should be a Natl holiday but don’t see that in the near future. I dont do parties but like a little get together with friends. I remember the days where I used to go out and get blitzed and thats just not fun for me anymore.

    LOL @ your hubs

  6. Happy belated!! I think EVERYONE should always have birthday parties 😉 It’s the one day out of the year that’s entirely focused on THEM!

  7. Judging from some of the things you’ve said,I think your boy and my boy would get along really well 🙂

    I totally believe in birthday celebrations. Mine usually involve me taking the day off of work (no one should work on their birthday!!), going for a nice slow run, maybe some shopping and something delicious for dinner. It also involves my mom
    saying, “[insert number of years] ago you came into the world and we were so happy!” Aren’t moms cute?

    Glad you have a great birthday!!

  8. happy birthday, sweet pea! you’re only 35 years young! 🙂

  9. That is the most beautiful picture of you April! You look SO HAPPY!!! Happy Birthday! What a crazy year for you! I love Gerberas! I used to hate my birthdays (bad memories) but decided this is the year to start making some new memories and enjoy life!
    Have a great run!

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