Eat Less?

I woke up this morning and got in 35 mins of cardio.  It was a great session.  During my run yesterday I didn’t wear my HRM because frankly it’s beginning to disappoint me.  I’m not sure if it’s off or i’m just not burning alot of calories.  So I wore Mike’s GPS instead and am proud of my 8:23 pace and my 6:44 sprints.  I’ll be focusing on that and not the calories burned.


What do you think of this shirt?

A lot of stars are boycotting Urban Outfitters for selling it and they’ve actually taken it off the shelves.  I’d wear it.  I mean maybe it’s the model that it’s on.  Or maybe it should say Eat Better?


Shoulders are on the agenda for today.



  1. I missed your bday posts.. HAPPY BELATED BDAY!!!! Loved the pics!

    As for the shirt, the model is toooooo thin in my eyes…. I think that is one of the big probs for sure & yes, I would rather see, eat healthy or healthier. This gal looks borderline anorexic to me…. so saying eat less on her is not a good message if a person thinks they need to look like her or even thinner.

  2. I agree with Jody!

    And I hate when my HR monitor starts telling me I’m burning less.. it’s annoying!

  3. I personally don’t mind the shirt but I do think it will potentially send the wrong message to a lot of people no matter what size the model wearing it.

  4. First off, that model should not be telling anyone to eat less….

    And I like your comeback – eat better!!

  5. People over-analyze everything. (not you) Sometimes I think we worry so much about offending someone or sending the wrong message, it wastes a lot of time. Yea, I get that some anorexic peeps might take that too far but generally speaking in this country we NEED to see that phrase more. Just sayin.

  6. I think that it should be phrased as “Eat Better” or “Eat Healthier.” Something along those lines, “Eat Less” can send a LOT of different messages!

  7. of all things, couldnt they find some other slogan…i mean, I am all about being controversial and out there but really…find something else…young girls just dont need the added drama!

    i did a post on lifting heavy last week. I linked you but anyway, totally thought of you and just wanted to tell you that 🙂

  8. Amazing post. I have bookmarked your site. I am looking forward to reading more

  9. I think my hrm has been lying to me lately. I hate liars.

    As for the shirt, it doesn’t bother me. My thinking is if a shirt is your biggest issue in life, you got a good life (not you people in general 🙂 (

  10. I don’t like the shirt…I like your suggestion Eat Better!

  11. i really hate the shirt, but maybe if I wore it i would actually remember to eat less 🙂

  12. i would so buy that shirt for my husband! lol!!!!but i like your idea better…..

    and btw,im still pregers!!!!

  13. I think the shirt’s slogan,in general,is probably good a decent reminder for many people to at least realize how much they are eating. But I can see how it could be perceived as negative or even a trigger for people struggling with not eating enough.

    All in all, I wish more people would just eat healthier or at least treat their bodies as well as they treat their cars!!

  14. Margarita

    I think the shirt is retarted!!! It should say “Laugh more” or something along those lines. Why does it have to be about eating and eating less? So stupid. However, it is the country with a freedom of speech and I think if the store wants to put it out there, it should be able to. And we all here are FREE to critisize! 😉

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