Good bye Shady

As I was taking this picture in our backyard:

This was happening in our front yard:

Good bye old Shady.

I was sad and then I saw the news this morning:

  • 2 year old from Arizona found dead
  • Father and 3 children die from a drunk driving accident(mom left alone)
  • Then there was my sister’s flood and what happened to her neighbor
  • 3 year old dies after 4 year old found gun in home
  • Mike and April’s tree gets blown over
  • My BFF from college’s dad is slowly dying of cancer

Yeah, it’s JUST a tree.  It CAN be replaced.  This is the 4th tree that has fallen in our neighborhood since we’ve been here in May.  Stupid Bradford Pears….live and learn.  Now i’m excited about finding a new tree with LOTS of colors!!!!!


Turning a negative into a positive…thanks Angela!!  😀


Tell me something bad that’s happened to you in the past that seems like nothing now.



  1. Something bad? I gained a few pounds, felt fat. Wayyyyyyyyy more important things to worry about in this world than weight fluctuations. Seems selfish and LAME.

    • So true and I do that ALL the time.

  2. Super sorry about your tree though!! 😦

  3. Bummer about the tree! Oh well, I agree, there’s so much hurt all around us. Maybe a tree isn’t such a sad story!

    ❤ jess

  4. Kind of puts things into perspective doesn’t it?

    I remember when we were trying to sell our house and move cross country a few years ago and the sale fell through 2 days before closing and we were just devastated. It actually turned out for the better because the house went back on the market and we got multiple offers and more money than we would have had the first sale gone through.

  5. Sorry about the tree 😦 I miss those crazy thunderstorms even though they can be really destructive.

    I bet you’ll find a fantastic new tree though!

  6. Wow. bye bye shady. Way to put things in perspective though – good for you, missy. Yes – Bradford Pears are BEAUTIFUL but it’s like they’re made to break since they’re so top heavy. grrrr. Crazy you guys have lost so many trees there in such a short time!

  7. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!! So many things seem trivial now….. I have lost a lot of family members & that is big stuff… big losses!


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