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January Jones loves working on the set of Mad Men and who wouldn’t? Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner encourages the females of the show to eat real well and stay off the treadmill (I think I just fell in love).  According to January:

“He (Weiner) would prefer we didn’t work out and that we eat really well, so we look like healthy women… I wish more women would realise that’s what men like.”

I’m not sure what world January lives in but I think Hollywood is the last place that wants non-skinny women. You’ve heard for years how actresses are told by producers to lose weight.  Actresses that do not need to lose weight.  The entertainment industry needs more men like Matthew Weiner in it. I heart you Matthew.

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I think it would be great if women could just be women.  Maybe there wouldn’t be so much obesity and let me tell you it’s BAD.  If we did just eat what we wanted instead of eating rice cakes at work and then going home and gorging maybe the problem wouldn’t be as bad?


I for one will never eat like a normal person.  It’s just not in me.  After years of being chubby from eating what I thought was normal i’ll never revert back.  So when you see me talking about prepping meals etc…don’t feel bad for me, it keeps me sane.


Right now I want to thank Starkist.  Now I won’t have to rinse my tuna.

THANKS CHARLIE!  Now I won’t feel like this.


If Mars had earthquakes would they be called marsquakes?



  1. ughh who says that?!?! dont workout and look like healthy women?! umm yoru not healthy by not working out (and probably not eating, or eating 500 calories a day!) I MUST check that tuna out!! i love that its low sodium!

    • Exactly! If you’re not working out to lose weight at least keep your heart and body healthy.

  2. I will probably never be quite normal about food. Double edged sword. Extremely annoying yet like you said it keeps me sane. What’s a girl to do??

    • It is annoying but like you said…what’s a girl to do?

  3. Hmm I like the concept of that guys idea that we should look healthy! Although I think he should advocate heavy weights 😛

    Hey, have you tried the chocolate pb lipotropic protein?? It’s sooo good!

    • No I haven’t tried it. Now i’m curious!!

  4. I love the tuna in a package! i also like the salmon!

  5. I think you made an excellent point that maybe if we weren’t told to be so thin, we’d never get the complex that leads us to be overweight…never made that connection before!

  6. I was the most normal around food that I have been in the last few years when I was on my honeymoon! It was interesting. I didn’t gain weight. I am going to try to be more normal now, but I will still plan things, etc… I just won’t eat so many salads and instead have smaller amounts of yummy things.

    My favorite part of this post – why can’t women just be women??

  7. I love how you are always so open and honest about what you are feeling- regardless of what anyone else says! I just wrote an entire post/article on ‘The Politics Of Food’ which coincides with what you said, plus the etiquette, ethics or food, identity of self etc tied to food. I’ve been thinking A LOT about this for the past few years. It seems like the adage of ‘you are what you eat’ has taken on a whole new meaning as it has become our source of identity, labelling, stigmatism etc. Great post!


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