Do you ever have one of those days?

THAT YOU DON’T WANT TO END!  Yesterday was one of those days.  Mike and I hung out the entire day and it was great.

The weather was gorgeous which almost made us not want to go to a 3 hour movie but we didn’t derail our plans.  Here is how the day went.

  • Up at 5a…?? I guess it’s good my interal clock is working again
  • 6a ate my oatmeal sandwich
  • walked Boomer
  • 7a made Mike a breakfast pizza
  • 8a went to SuperTarget 🙂
  • we ran some errands, bank, Kroger, butcher shop, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond
  • washed our cars
  • went and saw Inception
  • grilled out
  • watched Dick(the movie 😉 )
  • 930p we’re getting tired but said we didn’t want the day to end
  • tried watching 48 hours and fell asleep on the couch

It was awesome.  Some may say boring but we loved it and that’s all that matters.


Today is prep day.  I like to cook chicken, egg white muffins and get my meals ready for easy grab and go days.

Can you tell which one I put baking powder and cream of tartar in?  I ate that one.  At Bed, Bath and Beyond I bought this and LOVE it!Wilton® Ultra-Flex™ Silicone Non-Stick 12-Cup Muffin Pan

Talk about non stick.  Now I need more!!
Since I too a rest yesterday I was rearing to go this morning.  I walked Boomer for 2.5 miles and came home and did Athletic Step.  I do believe that is my all time favorite Cathe DVD now.  It was the all cardio part of Cardio and Weights.
Okay that’s enough rambling.  Have a happy Sunday!!

If you could have only 3 electrical appliances in your house, what would they be?  Blender, washer, and coffee maker 🙂



  1. I like how you had to emphasize” the movie”.. LOL!!

    3 kitchen electrical appliances.. blender, stick blender, and microwave!

  2. Sounds like a great day to me!

    What is the egg white recipe, can I ask? Sounds easy.

    My favorite 3 appliances:
    Coffee maker
    Toaster oven

  3. I love egg white ckn muffins! Its funny cause I’m making egg white muffins right now!! hehe great minds think alike ape!

    3 appliances:
    -magic bullet/ninja (ya its two but they do the same thing)
    -crock pot
    -coffe maker

  4. Hi, I just found your blog. I wanted to say hello 🙂

    I like prepping food on Sundays too, the week can get very hectic with workouts, school and work.

    Can you share the chicken and muffin recipe? Thanks

  5. i have a whole set of non-stick bakeware (that i got at tuesday morning… it’s basically a store version of!) and i am IN LOVE with it! epic.

    3 electrical appliances…. i’m going to take that as kitchen appliances. 🙂 coffee maker, my vita mix, and the gas stove.

  6. Sounds like a fabulous day! I too watched Dick last night. And yes. the movie

  7. Isn’t it great to have a day that might seem kinda normal to others but to have it feel so wonderful? I love when that happens!

    3 appliances is a tough one. I’m going with my vita-mix, stove and microwave.

  8. microwave, blender and fridge!!!

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