Egg White Muffins

As requested 🙂

This recipe is SO easy.  I do this to mask the nasty smell of egg whites.


  • 12 eggs, whites seperated

That is really all you need.  I sprinkle cinnamon on mine and a bit of baking stevia.  After they’re done cooking I put bluberries or strawberries on them and a 1 tsp of coconut oil.  I put them in the fridge for easy on the go snacks.  Plus the coconut hardens and is a sweet treat.


Just crack and seperate the 1 egg white and put in each muffin cup.  Bake @ 400° for 20 mins.  In my new silicone tin I took them out 3 minutes early.


The ideas for these are endless:

  • Add cheese
  • Add meat
  • Add peppers
  • Add veggies
  • Add chocolate (hey i’d try chocolate on anything)

*although this will mask the smell of eggs at your job your kitchen will smell like a sewer while baking


  1. Yum! I bet that’d be a good snack for on my drive home.. do you have to bring them in a cooler probably?

    • I bring them and put in the fridge at work.

  2. Great on the go idea!!!!!!!!!! The pan is cool too!

  3. Egg white muffins? Good idea!! No, GREAT idea!!

  4. can i make on suggestion? add a bit of cream of tarter! it makes em puffier! I actually add peanut or almond butter. And to be honest, somehow every time I use cream of tarter, they dont leave a stink!

    • I showed one in one of my recent posts that I did put cream of tartar and baking powder in. It was poofy, I just am lazy sometimes LOL!

  5. I love these as a snack! I don’t think the ppl at McD’s feel sorry for you! I think they are truly confused why anyone would ‘eat healthy’. They probably deem their meals as ‘normal’- and sadly, they are!
    I’m all for balance and the occasional splurge- but have you ever seen the food court @ Costco?! Honestly, they need to do a DATELINE special on that. I think it’s the worlds’ obese population congregating over their fries/hotdogs. My jaw always drops when I walk past. This is the only place where I really see this. What is it with Costco? I suppose the whole ‘bulk’ concept seems to extend to their food court area in some peoples minds?

  6. Interesting idea. Thanks for sharing.

  7. hmmmm sounds delicious!!!

  8. Hi April, I only have a short amount of time this morning, but I wanted to stop in and thank you for the words of support you left on my blog yesterday in reference to my brother’s lung cancer. It’s a difficult time but the support of others really helps.

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