Happy Monday people!  I woke up with some major energy.  I knocked out 35 mins of cardio but wish I had more time to keep going!

5 min 5.0

1 min 4.0

1 min 6.5

1 min 4.0

1 min 6.6

1 min 4.0

1 min 6.7

1 min 4.0

1 min 6.8

1 min 4.0

1 min 6.9

1 min 4.0

1 min 7.0

1 min 4.0

1 min 7.1

1 min 4.0

1 min 7.2

1 min 4.0

1 min 7.3

1 min 4.0

1 min 7.4

1 min 4.0

1 min 7.5

1 min 4.0

1 min 8.0

1 min 4.0

5 mins 5.0

That 8.0 felt like I could have went faster.  Early in the week my walk/runs are great.  By the time Friday rolls around it’s a struggle to stay at 6.5 for 1 minute.  Must be from my KILLAH leg workouts?

I’m going to start at 7.0 tomorrow and see how that goes.


My breakfast was so good this morning.  Nothing new but for some reason I was really hungry.

Cooked last night and stuck in fridge for easy access.


Mmmmm…..I wish I could eat this all day long.


Here’s my fridge with containers for my meals the next fews days 🙂

 What’s up with blogger lately?  I’m having trouble posting on a few blogs 😦

Kelly and Lindsay I still love you!!!


How many blogs do you have in your google reader?  I had 130 something but have cut it down to 98.  I’m about to add a few more.  I got rid of some of the “bigger” blogs.  I like a tighter group of friends.  I don’t go trying to friend the popular…i’ve always been like that.



  1. You must be the human version of the energizer bunny! I WISH I had a fraction of your motivation to work out. I have 45 blogs in my reader. A few of them have 500+ followers but in general I too go for the less popular folks. Those more like myself!!

  2. Too many 🙂 haha.

  3. Ahh stupid blogger. Sorry about that. I know you still love me. hehe!

  4. Not sure how many I have in my reader but I’m the same way as you. I don’t really like those big blogs anymore.. I like people that I feel like I”m friends with!

  5. Good cardio for you!

    I read a lot of blogs but don’t get them in a reader. Some I get email notification & all our part of my Favs. I just have to pick & choose some days as I don’t have time…

  6. Oh blogger, it can be such a pain!

    GREAT cardio workout!!
    ❤ jess

  7. There’s been issues with blogspot for the past 2 wks, some I can comment on, others I cant, it’s a crap shoot and very annoying.

    Am I a loser for saying I have Google Reader but dont know how to use it? I tried the tutorial and it did not school me at all. Sadness.

  8. I dont understand BlogSpot either, I havent been able to post on other peoples blog who have blogspot unless I just use my name and the html for my blog. I also agree with you on having a small group of not so popular blogs in the google reader. I feel like in my google reader, I only have blogs that I read consistenly and I feel like I connect to.

  9. Your HIIT workouts are impressive. I want to start doing HIITs again, need to get back in the gym. Summer weather has been nice and I’ve been working out outside 🙂

    I like that you make your meals ahead of time, same as me.

    I have about 30 on my Google reader, I don’t have much time to read leasurely these days because I’m reading textbooks but I love food blogs because I like to be inspired to cook.

    Hope you’re having a good Monday.

  10. I know! damn you blogspot! I hope I made your google reader cut, but its ok, I never have breaking newsworthy posts anyhow 🙂

  11. wooohooa what do you use the big bottle of cider for?

    • I put it in my water! With lemon juice and stevia mmmm….. 🙂

  12. Your fridge and my fridge would be best friends! I love getting everything prepped for the week. Makes it so much easier to get to Friday.

    Your workouts inspire me to work harder. Thank you for that 🙂

    I am clinically retarded with most electronic things, including google reader. I have NO clue how to use it. There are a good handful of blogs that I try to read each week, though.

  13. haha i’ve heard blogger has been weird! Thanks for the shout! LOL

    8.0? Could have gone faster? You’re like the wind!!

  14. I have a bunch, but I don’t read a lot of them. I don’t read the big ones either. I don’t even know why some of them are so big!!.

    • I feel the same way.

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