I’m on fire!

I love when I feel like this.  I had another rockin’ cardio this morning.  I did it for 43 mins.  It was incline walking but it was a doozy.  I’m not sure of all the inclines and speeds but a majority was done on a 10% incline at 4.4 mph.  I have a trick i’ll have Mike take a video someday.

Julie Costa

94 days!!!

What’s your favorite Web site? I would have to say either www.bodybuilding.com or www.Siouxcountry.com are mine 🙂  I also frequent a personal site where a group of us girls who compete chat all day long and root each other on.  Diva love!



  1. One of my sorority sisters has a page on that siouxcountry site-very cool!

    I am addicted to theonion.com and livestrong.com, I can peruse both all day!

  2. Wow – that is a workout!

    My favorite website is my google reader LOL!

  3. okay see this is way i really like this blogging stuff…MOTIVATION. Thanks – YOU ROCK!

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