Flaunt it Friday…the 13th!

When I look in the mirror i’ll be honest…I see my fat hips.  Why do I focus so much on those?  I’ve chosen to make Fridays, Flaunt It Friday.  I’m only going to post positive things about myself.  I used to think if you liked yourself you were conceited.  I am proud that I am healthy and active now.

Unflexed calf….thanks mom!

Mom’s calf.  Proof that somethings ARE hereditary.


What’s your Flaunt it Friday positive thing about you?



  1. I like flaunt it Friday and loving yourself doesn’t have to mean conceited at all. I love my arms.

  2. that’s ana amazing unflexed calf! very nice!

  3. Since you asked…my tummy w/abs and my toned arms. I don’t deserve them ’cause I don’t exercise like I should but hey…I’ll take it. But, like you I focus on all the parts I don’t like more then anything else.

    You do have awesome calves.

  4. You have fabulous calves!

    My body that can walk, swim, run, bike, and MOVE 🙂

    ❤ jess

  5. LOVE the idea, may i steal it, dont worry Ill give you credit!

  6. love this friday idea 🙂 your calves are rockin!

  7. Damn girl, I want nice calves like that.

    Hmmmm, what am I loving about myself today? My legs, they aren’t perfect by any means, but they walk me around, carry me all over the place and are strong!

  8. Wow! Nice calves 🙂

    I like your new Friday theme. I think many women are taught early on that if we love something about ourselves, especially if it’s a bodypart, them we are conceited. I’m glad you are saying F that!

    My Friday positive: I may be slow but I have tons of runnin’ endurance. The body is amazing, isn’t it?

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