Monday, Bloody Monday

I never really liked U2. Actually it was just Bono that annoyed me. I get like that. The lead singer of Nickelback, Dave Matthews, and Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers all annoy me therefore I do not like them. Now one singer I REALLY love is Gavin Rossdale….ahhh. On my MP3 player one of his songs is #69, how convenient 🙂

I did my leg workout yesterday.  I was suppose to have a training class today that would have thrown off my schedule.  Only by a half an hour but i’ m a freak like that.  So I did shoulders today and it rocked!  Of course I got up for EMC this morning and knocked out 40 mins.  It’s like I can’t wait to go to sleep to get up for cardio!  I love when I get like this.


I’m suppose to talk with the trainer tonight.  I know things are happening.  My feet look slimmer and my collar bone is more prominent.  Hey, you gotta start somewhere right?  My body doesn’t like losing from the places that really need it first.  Oh, I think my face is slimmer too so that is a plus.


Man, I can’t remember cooking when I didn’t know of this GENIUS idea.  I’m so glad I know about it now!

What does this song remind you of?  It reminds me of the skating rink or dances in middle school where I sat there watching other couples dance.  Yep, I was that girl.  If you could see pictures you’d know why 🙂



  1. wow that parchment trick is so smart!! if I had a foreman or when I get one I am def doing that! so smart!

    oh yeah, gavin rossdale is so niceeee 🙂

  2. I think it’s so cute that you get excited to go to sleep so you can wake up and cardio! Haha, love it!!
    ❤ jess

  3. wowza – was a HUGE bush fan! Love him. And Gwen too. But he’s hotter solo of course!

  4. Love me some U2 and DMB. Nickelback, no thanks. The leader singers nose and scraggly hair bother me too much. I have a love/hate relationship with RHCP. Flea annoys me more than anything.

  5. Amy

    Obviously warped minds think alike. I was just telling chris how happy I was I didn’t have to go into the office in the morning so I could start my day off with a cardio session :).

    Is that LL I see in that video (couldn’t play on my phone).

    And…. You were super cute in school, at least Damon Bailey thought so 🙂

  6. Mr. Rossdale is quite the looker 🙂 He’s not a bad tennis either! We got to see him play in a charity doubles match a couple weeks ago.

    Starting the day with some cardio is always the best!

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