I am SO focused right now!  I LOVE IT!!!  My liquid day was a hit!  I also had a cookout here last night 🙂  Nothing phased me.  I’m crazy like that.  My friend who moved to Florida 8 years ago was in town and I had her and Brandon(old roommate) over.  She was staying at his place.  He’s having a cookout tonight.  I’m trying to decide if I want to go.  Really, I don’t want to leave Boomer by herself.

Mmmm…baked beans.  Cathie is one of those girls you want to hate.  She stays thin and eats what she wants.  Except she’s lactose intolerant.  Oh man, we used to party HARD!  Now neither one of us drink.


Here’s a great song to pump you up!  Play it and dance, you’ll burn calories.  Unless you have little ones in the room!!! 

Would people be surprised at the music you listen too?  I will give that a big yes.  I listen to anything from Five Finger Death Punch to Lil Jon to Cyndi Lauper to Journey.  You name it…NO country!!!!



  1. I LOVE baked beans. Ahhh, those are so good.

  2. Oh people are usually shocked that I love rap. I am totally with you on the no country.

  3. April was a party girl??? 🙂

    no country?? You are crazy! I listen to everything from country to rap to rock.. but none of the extremes (no scremo or twangy country)

  4. haha, yes! I’m all over the place with my music…from Rick Ross to Miley Cyrus, I like it all. And I’ve seen Eminem in concert 4 times. Not exactly a typical girl from Kentucky, huh!?

  5. haha, I love that song! you should check out ceelo green’s new song, f— you. it’s so catchy!

    • I saw that on your blog…i’m stalking you 😉

  6. i think its so funny to acutally find out what some poeple listen to on their ipods! i had this one client, she was 55, looked so innocent and did her thing in the gym and ne day I heard her BLASTING Usher “yeah” it was hilarious!!!

  7. Variety is the spice of life! 🙂

  8. “Lil Jon to Cyndi Lauper to Journey”–ME TOO!!

    and for certain things like psyching up for a run or lifting, sometimes the nastier and more raunchy the music, the better 🙂

  9. Love this song! Thanks for posting it. Oh, yes, people are definitely surprised at what I listen to since my daily soundtracks are more like my teenage nieces than someone of my age!!! 🙂

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Here’s to another great week in FitVille!!!

  10. Haha at the disclaimer.

    I mostly listen to rock but like house and hip hop for working out. Alot of people don’t see me as a rock girl though.

  11. So. I don’t think people will be surprised to know that I listen to gospel music. But I think they might be surprised to know that I’m listening to “I can’t be tamed” by Miley Cyrus right now. 😉

  12. Girl, you know I rock it out like Michael Bolton on Office Space. I love me some gansta rap but I also have a soft spot for things like Hall and Oats! I love music. I used to say No Country too but I’ve found that REAL country music is actually pretty damn good (as opposed to pop country which just isn’t my gig).

  13. LOL!! Yea I like all kinds of music from harsh rock like Disturbed and Rev Theory and Rob Zombie to funky dance stuff like Black Eyed Peas and J-LO to country (not for workouts) and smooth jazz (for drinking wine).
    I too am SOOOO FOCUSED and it feels awesome. Each day builds on the one before and I feel like I’m just pushing the past year of 2009 madness WAY BEHIND ME!! WOOT!! I may try a liquid day or two as well. Tell me more.

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