Being an adult

I don’t often think of myself as an adult.  Maybe because my mom still throws me birthday parties, gets me Barbie’s for Christmas or the fact I still usually get what I want.  I haven’t gotten that Lexus SC430 but things within reason I get.  This weekend Mike and I were big boys and girls and went and picked out the granite for our countertops.


Our first house was just that.  A first home.  Now we’re looking at this home as an investment.  We really learned a lot in our first home.  The home we have now when we sell should make a profit…unless the economy takes another dump.


Here is the granite we chose:


Here is our new faucet:

Because I’m a sucker for infomercials:

 SHARK Vac Then Steam Mop at Local Stores

Shark Vac Then Steam

Training is still going great.  I did another liquid day yesterday.  NOTE TO SELF: DO NOT do a liquid day on leg day.  I was exhausted afterwards.  I went to bed at 7:30p.


My morning cardio is still ROCKIN!!  I love them! 


Apparently food does my body good.  My shoulder workout was INSANE!  I had energy through the roof!


We’re having a pitch in at work tomorrow.  I’m making lemon poppy seed cookies and beer bread.  One of my pet peeves is when people eat food but don’t bring it.  Watch this red-head get fired up!


Do you use the cart corral?  That’s another peeve of mine.  Some people are just WAY too lazy.



  1. What do you do on your liquid days, just protein drinks? Or juices?

  2. Uh yeah. If you don’t bring food you are choosng not to participate and shouldn’t eat. Home improvements are so exciting! We want granite too. Not sure when that will happen though.

  3. Hi. This is my first time responding although I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for a while. I, too, was wondering what your liquid days consisted of? I’m super interested in tryone one of these – I like the fact that it is just ONE day vs. an entire week of juice. Sounds doable. I would also love to chat w/ you about Dreambodies. I just joined for a month to try it out. I know you’ve been a member and would love to pick your brain and get some advice. Thanks!!

  4. Hey chica – can you share that rockin’ morning cardio energy with me please 😉 I hear you on realizing I’m older than I “think”. I realized that looking at pics I posted the other day. Wow and darn.

  5. Keep enjoying that home! How lucky are you!!!

  6. I don’t feel like an adult either but supposedly I am one and I don’t like it

  7. Margarita

    What is cart corral??

    I hardly ever bring food for potlucks and I NEVER eat any either… not even when some people insist on me trying something! 😉

  8. love the granite! you have great taste 🙂

  9. I like the granite. My parents finished remodeling their kitchen earlier this year and even though it was stressful at times, it turned out so beautifully. It makes me not even want to cook at my place. 🙂

  10. Ohmygooooosh. I am making that beer bread for a bbq I’m going to labour day weekend. My friends love beer, and there’s no doubt they’ll dig bread with beer IN it.

    • It’s SUPER simple and SO good!!!

  11. YAY granite! We are getting ours this upcoming week!!! Can’t wait!!

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