I know, me lazy right?  I had made cookies and bread Tuesday and prepped my food for Wednesday so last night when the time rolled around I just wasn’t into it.  I turned today into another liquid day!  They keep getting easier and easier and I wasn’t worn out when I got home.


This morning I did 50 mins of cardio before work.  I woke up earlier that night to pee and felt drained.  I thought maybe I will sleep in.  Well, I woke up, looked at the alarm clock and it was only 4:40a but I was bright eyed and bushy tailed.

It was a good session of course.  Empty stomach straight out of beds are for me.


If you could eat one thing all the time that didn’t make you gain weight what would it be?  Just one thing.  I would say peanut butter 🙂  Now i’m not saying PB is a bad thing by any means.  It is just something you need to eat in moderation.  If you eat the entire jar it is also a choking hazard…yeah, been there.



  1. ice cream. honestly, if calories were not an issue, i am convinced i could eat a 3 gallon tub of vanilla bean ice cream in one sitting. every time i eat ice cream i just want to eat more. it is my favorite! cereal coming in second.

  2. Lindsay

    bread, definitely bread. All kinds too, I’m not picky.

  3. I agree with janetha, I’d say chocolate but I cant inhale chocolate like I can inhale ice cream. I really can eat it in one sitting! Second, hmmm waffles and maybe funnel cakes!

  4. Hi there! Nice list you have going on, I share many of them, but my fave is dogs waging their tail too, they are so adorable 🙂 I actually LOVEEE fresh fruit salad! There’s nothing more refreshing, especially for this summer. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Vanessa

    Ice cream with loads of p.b on top!! My two favorite foods!!

  6. Any dessert is my weakness…so if I didn’t gain weight and if sugar didn’t make me feel awful after eating them, I would eat brownies with lots of nuts, gooey chocolate cake with chocolate chunks in them and chocolate chip cookies.

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