Dooms day postponed

I was suppose to weigh in this morning but I started my monthly oil change yesterday.  This is 2 months in a row!  I’m sure i’m the only one excited this happens.  So I told Tony I would wait a few days.  I haven’t weighed since February.  That’s a world record.  I am feeling leaner even on TOM. 

Crimson Tide - Single Panel Canvas 


Boomer and I went on a 3 mile run this morning.  No Garmins or HRM’s involved.  Just fun.  I am going to do my bi/tris later and tomorrow is my rest day which will involve dog walking and FRISBEE GOLF!  We’re also going to be getting a new matress set for our spare bedroom.  This way my mom can come and stay with me 🙂 


My dad made me LOL this morning for real.  My status on Facebook was….Tough decision….Kroger, SuperTarget, Meijer or Walmart.  He right away puts…Take the curtain!  🙂  He makes me smile.


I support the right of the Jedi to build a temple, but does it have to be two blocks from the ruins of the Death Star? …Seth Mcfarland on the Muslim Center.



Flats or heels?  flats


Lipstick or gloss?  gloss


What do people in China call their good plates?


  1. Flats all the way.

    Monthly oil change lmao. Never in my 30 yrs have I heard that.

  2. Margarita

    I love the term “oil change” LOL!

    I am the opposite of your answers: heels, and lipstick for me! 😀

    What are the “good plates”? Are there bad plates in China too?

    You make me wanna google shit! lol

    • You crack me up! China is what “americans” call their good dinner ware.

      A cart corral is where you put your shopping cart.

  3. Margarita

    PS: I LOVE your posts! THEY make me smile! 🙂

  4. flats and gloss for me too! I don’t think I’ve EVER gone that long without weigh in in my entire life!!!

  5. I think we all love “oil change.” 🙂

    Totally gloss. Especially Buxom Lips. MY FAVORITE!

    That does seem like a record…no scale since Feb! Good job!

    You going to post progress pics anytime soon?

    • Maybe next week if i’m feeling leaner 🙂

  6. Monthly oil change – lol I love it!!
    I prefer flats:)

  7. Sneakers.. my flat, wide & bunioned feet can’t fit into anything else! :-O

    Lipstick & gloss!

    Love the cat pic.. too funny!

  8. I wonder if this is another reason you are able to lean out again? Maybe everything is getting back to normal! Excited for yoU!!

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