Guest post: Boomer

My eats for the day:

I start my day off with a vienna sausage.  I love when I hear the sound of the garlic press.  Mom doesn’t know that I know she crushes a pill up in  my sausage.  It tastes so good though I don’t mind.


Then it’s off to eat my food.  I’m not a binge eater.  I eats in the morning with mommy and then at night when daddy and hers are eating.

See all that hair?  Yep, mom has to sweep that up just about everyday.  She sheds  a lot too.  The food I get is this

Nutro Natural Choice Large Breed Senior Dog Food
They won’t give me a senior discount…mom asked. 
On Saturday’s I get one of these.  This is my favorite day.  Mom takes me for a long run and after she goes to the stores I get a Jumbone!
It’s hard to see in this picture.  I like to savor them outside in front of the other dogs next door.  They only get homemade food and it makes their poops running.  Not me.  Mine are in perfectly round balls all the times. 
Sometimes I get things throughout the day too called Snausages.  They’re not as fun as Jumbones but I don’t complain.
For my exercise mom takes me for walk or runs.  I used to run with daddy but he’s too fast for me now that i’m older.  Mom’s still slow.  I also like to play toy.  I like to play with mommy more because she’s not as rough as daddy.  He forgets i’m a girl.
I have a good life.  I love my mom and dad and my new house too.  I am a mommy’s girl for sure.  I protect her.  I once scared off a person trying to get in the back door when mommy was home by herself.  Grandma told me to always protect her so I do. 
April here, Boomer doesn’t know that secretly I buy the Ol Roy Munchy Bones for her Jumbones.  I use to spend $3 per Jumbone and when I was unemployed I had to make some changes.  She still loves them.


  1. hahahaha you made my day. i love you! and boomer! erm.. i mean, i love you, and april! since boomer wrote this. he is good at space bar even with the lack of thumbs!

  2. THAT was a very cute post, Boomer ~
    Thanks for the smiles! You made me giggles.

  3. LOL! Love it 😀 Boomer is lucky.

  4. So fun! A day in the life of a dog.. 🙂

  5. Amy

    That’s Awesome Boomer. Tell the Joneses they’ve got a super smart doggie 🙂

  6. Great report Boomer!

    This next part is for April:
    Remember that contest you were helping me with by voting for me? Well I WON!! Thanks a lot for voting as I couldn’t have done it without your help! Now that things are a bit slower around here I’m hoping you’ll see me around more.

  7. boomer, you rock! Your so fit, just like your mommy, and your so smart and who needs alarm system when April has you! Your very lucky to have a mom that loves you so much, and shes lucky you have perfect balls of poo.

  8. That was the best!!!

    Boomer you are one lucky doggie!!!

  9. Aw, what a cute post. Boomer–you are cute and smart 🙂

    It almost makes me think I could handle having a dog….almost…

  10. awwww look at little boomer! Sweet, lucky pup!

  11. fun post and when i first clicked on it i was like whoa…what IS That?! Til i realized, it wasnt quite your eats, but boomer’s 🙂

  12. LOLOL – I read this on my phone on my way to work the other day and I had to come back and comment bc it was too funny. I was so confused for the first paragraph! I read it like 3 times and then when I read the next one I realized. Hahaha. Thanks for the laugh. Boomer is adorable 🙂

  13. Too cute great post Boomer!

  14. Awww… this just makes me want a Boomer of my own even more!!!

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