Yellow Bullet Energy

My morning workout was provided by Yellow Bullets that I was sent from America’s Nutrition.  I got to say…it helped me through my walk/run intervals this morning.  It made me a little warm and I had more energy than I normally do on liquid days.   I don’t typically use fat burners or thermogenics anymore but needed a little extra boost now that I have to get up at dark thirty with the roosters.  Now before you gasp and tell me how unhealthy these are I must tell you I also used this in my iced tea the other day.

 No worries.  I won Eden’s Nunaturals stevia contest 🙂  I’ll be sure to keep some in my “purse”.  I don’t carry a purse but i’ll keep them somewhere.


This morning I did the 50 min workout from last week only my legs weren’t feeling a minute at 8.0.  I toned it down and went 30/30 @ 7.0 and 8.0.  Then instead of a straight 10 min jog @ 6.0 I did 1 min intervals 6.0 then 6.5 for 10 minutes.  Yep, I have EXTREME workout ADD.  Mike says I just have dee-duh-dee.


I have 10.5 weeks to get my legs looking lean again!


Lifesavers right now:

Who is your favorite band?  There isn’t a Tool or Foo Fighters song that I don’t like.



  1. I must be blind cause your legs ARE LEAN! Enjoy the stevia, I steal splenda packets from starbucks and stuff them in my ugg boots in the winter, then I forget about them and I’m like “what the hell??? why is this dog licking my boot?”

  2. Love NuNaturals products!!

    You look awesome!!! Really!

  3. What’s in 10.5 weeks??

    • Kentucky Muscle bikini competition 🙂

  4. Kelly

    Tool is my absolute favorite band!

    I’m always stealing PureVia from the break room at work 🙂

  5. omg the GUMS I just got them and what a world of difference in my protein shakes! LOVE IT!!!

  6. Intervals on the treadmill make it go so much faster and keep it interesting! Great workout 🙂

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