I don’t eat bars when i’m serious about losing.  Not even the infamous Larabar.  I will however eat the Quest bars.  They are excellent with excellent stats!

Try them FREE HERE!!!



  1. Sweet! I love free stuff! Thanks!

  2. michele

    okay..i bought the cookies and cream protein powder by beverly…omg…seriously good!
    i make soaked oats for a post workout eats…
    1/2 c. oats
    1 scoop pp
    1/2 c water or a bit more…and if you don’t have to be real tight on your diet i use almond milk…

    let it soak for a couple of hours…i crave’s that yummy!
    thanks for the pp info…;)

  3. way to hook us up!! thx girl!

  4. Thanks for the link—love the new look of your site!

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