Huh? zzzzz…..


45 mins of cardio this morning.  Liquid day.  Shoulders + another 35 mins of cardio after work.  Yep, i’m tired.


I’m going to go and plop on the couch and nod off.  Boomer looks like she’ll join me.  I had a dream that I fell off the treadmill last night and it woke me up and I bet I jumped 5 feet in the air.  It scared Boomer not to mention myself.


Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?


If you were a crayon what color would you be?  I’d be periwinkle.  I always liked it.



  1. PINK! Cause I like Pink everything.

  2. OMG periwinkle is my fave crayola color too! I always say that’s what I’d be and I wonder how many people even know what color I’m talking about.

  3. Amy

    I would be the flesh colored crayon… That way there would be at least 1 person that color 🙂 My at home office/gym is Periwinkle!!

  4. Wow, what a change in your blog look! CUTE! Love the pics & love periwinkle but purple is my fav color!

  5. Love the new blog background!

    You are killing the workouts girl! What is your lifting schedule like? Working 1 body part daily / 1 x per week?

    What are your liquid days like? Is it JUST protein shakes? Or are you adding anything besides protein powder to your shakes? Sorry, lots of questions. 🙂

  6. Love the new blog look!!

    You are hilarious – love the crayon choice. I would be magenta – it’s fun to say!

    I’m tired too. In bed now. Need to start the day over. 🙂

  7. “Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?”–if i posted that on my blog i would have the vegan police blasting me to death!! not even kidding and i love that you just posted it. no one has a sense of humor anymore, as your comment to me you had to add that little disclaimer..yeah girl, i hear ya!

  8. ohh lovin the new layout woman! looks great! beer bread sounds so delicious, yeah I prob can’t eat it now either *sigh* but I will one day!!

  9. Dont hate me, but I dont envy you.
    I eat meat, but I will not eat animal crackers! Is it cruel I think they are cuter then some real animals? anyhow, it doesnt have chocolate, so its useless to me!
    I would like to be periwinkle too! But I’m not very “periwinkle” esque, I honestly think I’d be the sharpener in the back of the box.

  10. way to get those TM miles in chica!!!! also love your new layout!!!!
    thanks for the comments on my blog btw…i literally laughed out loud at the last comment you left about my middle child,because you are so RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh yeah and periwinkle suits you just right…i think i would be majenta!!!

  11. Girl it sounds like you are rockin’ it! Keep it up 🙂

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