Tony has me trying something different to get tight and lean for this show.  He says my leanest yet??  Let me tell you after my workout today I better be!  WOW!  It was so awesome!!!


Of course I was up in the morning for 51 mins of cardio 😀


I haven’t got my new meal plan YET…let’s just say it’s gonna be a doozy.  If this doesn’t lean me out then i’m a lost cause 😉  Here’s my leanest yet pic.

I had lower ab veins during that show.  I want them again!  Of course after that one I ate WAY too much chocolate.  Ruined all my leanness.  I swear after this show i’m going to behave.  I want to be lean for life.  I told Becca today I just want some pumpkin…of course I have to find it first.  She told me she would send it to me if I can’t find any 😉 


Okay, time to take someone for a walk.  She also has a vet appt Saturday.  Now that the important stuff is taken care of I guess I should find myself a Dr. up here.  2 more days and I won’t be alone anymore!!!


When did you start driving?  I remember my mom taking me out to practice when  I was 14.  When you live around cornfields i’m sure it’s easier to do that.



  1. I love your enthusiam when you are training to compete!

  2. I’m catching up on your posts.

    I’m loving the color on your blog. It looks like my wedding colors , and also chocolate 🙂

    Good luck on the training and the your journey for the competition.

  3. Mary Beth

    I wanna see your diet!!! Okay, I won’t be THAT nosy… 😉
    Driving…15 and 9 months with a learners permit…16, passed the test the first time. I did get to drive up and down my driveway which was about a mile long and yes, like a cornfield, when I was like 14. Thought I was cooler than cool so I can relate!

  4. Pretty sure I was 16 when I started learning to drive. At 16y5m I totalled my mom’s car 🙂

  5. WHOO I LOVE ME SOME LOWER AB VEINS I always get them, but that doesn’t mean jack about my fat butt lol!! And you’re going to keep us in the dark with pics again, aren’t you? What if I send you pumkin, do I get a sneak peak??

  6. What’s your comp date? sorry I’m out of the blog-world loop!


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