Puke worthy

My weight workout was puke worthy today.  I loved/hated every second of it!  I was in the zone.  I had the music blasting and I was focused.  I just read on Joanna’s blog about rating your workout.  Do you read a magazine while you do your cardio?  Do you text with your friends?  Then you are not having a puke worthy session.  I swear in just 2 great workouts i’m feeling lean and mean.


I am out of food.  This never happens.  I don’t want to stock up and then get a new meal plan and then that food goes to waste so i’m waiting…patiently 🙂

I had one of these today:

It was yummy!  Reminds me of my ACV/LJ mixture I drink all day….because it basically is.


Since i’m out of food I didn’t have anything for lunch.  I found a can of tuna and rinsed it and put it in a dish.  I put mustard and Garlic Gold Italian Herbs on it and it was really good.  Gave the dry azz tuna some goodness.  Then I went to Whole Foods and experienced their salad bar.  OMG…why hasn’t anyone told me about this?  It was heaven!  The best part….my salad was $2.80 and was huge!  Beats going to McD’s or Arbys and getting something that you have to pick everything out and then paying $6 for.


Happenings this weekend:

  • Mike comes home from Florida. Yep he’s been their all week helping his parents pick out a “retirement” spot.  I don’t have vacation time yet and I like my job so I didn’t mind.
  • The old countertops come out tomorrow!
  • Boomer goes to a new vet tomorrow for an exam.  Her vaccinations expired 5/19 EEK!  Plus she needs more incontinence medicine.
  • Grandma’s 83rd bday party is Sunday.  I was just informed a few minutes ago.  I’ll be heading down to Frankentucky aka Franklin.  My hometown 🙂


What are your plans this weekend?


What’s the background on your cellphone?  That would be my little girl.



  1. angela

    puke worthy? That is a good workout 😉

    I never saw those Braggs drinks…probably just like the evil mixture that you love 😉

    Me and my nephew are on my background 🙂 Its usually always him 🙂

  2. oh,wow-puke worthy workouts!!!! LOVEit!!! give me 4 more days until i get the green ligh to amp back up my workouts and then i will be in puke worthy paradise!!!-
    hope you have a fun filled weekend girl!

  3. Hey Chicky-Poo!! Love the new site look. AAACK!! I’m SO behind on reading blogs!! Trying to catch up today!! I’m heading to Trader Joe’s tomorrow to stock up on some healthy fabulous foods….!! YUMM

  4. Love the thought of a puke worthy workout. Glad I actually haven’t puked yet after/during a workout 🙂

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