Trim Treads Review – Life of the Party

I received a pair of Trim Treads to test out.  I don’t believe all the tennis shoes hype that adding 3 inches, a rolling pattern and an extra $50 to a shoe will lift your butt and thighs.  All that aside…walking in the Trim Treads I can DEFINITELY feel my legs working.  You can also do calf raises and it’s almost like you’re on the squat rack when you feel the burn it gives you.

Mike says my posture is better while walking in them.  I wore them to Walmart and asked where the big and tall section was.  No really, I DID wear them to Walmart.  I also wore them to my gma’s 83rd birthday party yesterday.  I’m not one to showboat or one who seeks attention but these shoes sure are.  All my aunts and cousins had to try them on.  Sorry I stole your thunder grandma 🙂

Black sandal

  • lifted buns
  • toned legs
  • a stronger core
  • better circulation
  • perfect posture
  • improved balance
  • burning calories
  • .

    My grandma was so surprised by her birthday party.  I don’t know why…it’s sort of a given that we all have birthday parties.  She said she would always remember it.  I bet $100 she already forgot about it today.  Will someone find a cure for alzheimer’s already?

    83 cupcakes!
    Are you an attention seeker?  I typically am not.  I’m not loud and obnoxious.  My voice won’t allow me to be.  I love adding in the one liners though!


    1. Haha – how funny – however I am sure you were out done at walmart – never know what you’ll find there!

    2. Those commercials where they show all those girls with perfect butts strutting around in those shoes (something similar to the ones you posted about) make people think if they wear those shoes they will have that butt too. NOT. Like anything else you actually have to work at it. Wearing those shoes alone will not cut it but I think it could be a cool extra!

    3. O god, you couldnt pay me enough to wear those in public! I’ve never been to a wal mart, how bratty am i?

    4. I don’t think I would wear those in public! I’ve seen a lot of people rush out and buy toning shoes because it is the new craze, I’m apprehensive to buy them because there isn’t any research to prove that they are effective! Glad this brand worked for you in the toning department, the design is different than the others so maybe that is why? lol I’m no expert!

      I’m to shy to be an attention seeker!

    5. Yeesh. Those shoes are brutal. I don’t think I could wear those. Plus, I’m a total attention avoider and I think they’d put a big spotlight on me. I way too shy! But, like you, I do like to add in my 2 cents from time to time 🙂

    6. ANA

      they are kinda ugly ;0 hehehhehehe!

    7. Those look like Lady Gaga shoes!!! The cupcakes look better! 🙂

    8. Those are the craziest shoes ever! LOL!

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