Boomer update and Opensky Deal**

Thank you all for Boomer’s well wishes.  We were both nervous parents last night.  She was so loopy from the medicine and just wasn’t herself.  She had to be knocked out which worried Mike like crazy.  She’s 11 years old and not a spring chicken.  I got home from work and could tell Mike had been bawling his eyes out.  That’s why I love him.  When he is weak, I am strong so we work great together. 


I was up at 4a to give her her pain medicine.  Then I got on the tready for 70 mins 🙂  She was all tail wags and happy jumps this morning.  I had to tell her to stop.  She needs to take it easy for the next 10 days.


My workout tonight felt like this:


I pushed through it.  I think I felt like this because my body is getting ready to let go of some fat.  Hey, it’s my way of thinking 😉


A few nights ago I made the rolo things for a pitch in at work.  They were inhaled.  I’m the only one that didn’t eat any junk.  Tonight i’m making beer bread.  Mike just asked me what that smell was.  I told him he could have a piece and now he’s excited. 


Time saving tip of the day:  stretch in the shower…at least i’m doing it now right?


Here’s the deal!  The first 5 people to purchase something from my Opensky shop will recieve 30% off that item!  Hurry offer ends Sept 30th.  Use code THIRTYWEIGH and hopefully you’ll be in the top 5!


Do you buy liquid egg whites or crack your own?  I used to buy the cartons but it’s so much cheaper to buy and crack.  That being said…is it just me or have the price of eggs gone up?



  1. poor boomer. Hope he heals fast. Dogs on medications are kinda cute though.

  2. So glad Boomer is doing well. That’s good to hear. I buy the egg whites.

  3. Glad Boomer is on the mend!

    We buy both eggs and egg whites. Since I eat egg whites in my oats pretty much every day, it is just easier to have the carton of whites around. I think they actually cook easier and don’t clump up than the separated whites.

    I love whole eggs, though.

  4. Oh no, hope things will get better soon. I know it will and your workout routine shall continue.

    I used carton egg whites when I use eggs for baking and I use real eggs when I’m making egg dishes.

  5. Boomer—oh no!! I hope she is feeling better and back to her normal self soon 😦

  6. Sending Boomer lots and lots of happy healing thoughts!! Eggs must be cheaper in the US. It’s 3 bucks for a dozen here and two bucks for a carton equal to 12 egg whites. Guess we pay extra for the yolk here 😉

    Mmmmmm! Beer bread!

  7. I hate feeling pooped when I go to work out – but if you manage to get through it (even if it’s just going through the motions) you’ll never regret it. I also find that when my motivation is low and I really don’t want to work out, I start off rough and then really wake up and have a great workout, leaving the gym feeling a million time better than before I came in.

    What kind of beer for the beer bread? Where’s the chili? And the football?

    My best wishes go to Boomer!

    • I used a bottle of Coors Light.

      Chili and football are next weekend…we’re hosting the Colts party. None for me though 😦

  8. So glad Booms is doing better. Tim is a lot like Mike in that way, he gets worried about our pets and would totally cry if something like that were to happen. Boomer is like a kid for you guys, She’s not just a dog. I TOTALLY GET IT. Hugs to you, mike, and Boomer. Petey and Ruby send their love.

    As far as eggs go, we buy the frozen egg whites from Gordon Food Service!! The price of those went up about 5 months ago, but it’s still about the same cost as eggs, only thing for us is, we don’t have to take out the trash from smelly yolks or bother with separating, we just pour them into measuring cups! SO EASY! We get the 5 lb cartons for 6.38 I think…and there’s like, 45 servings if a serving is 3 egg whites. So really there’s like 20 servings, lol….however, they have added guar gum and are pasturized, so I like that, and I can drink them raw in shakes without worrying about solminila. (<—spelling??) 😉

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