Flaunt it Friday

I love my eyelashes 🙂



  1. HAWT! flaunt it girl! 🙂 happy friday! xxoo

  2. I actually like mine too. When I was a kid I was embarrassed once b/c a friend of my mother’s thought I wore mascara b/c they were so long and thick.

  3. is that mascara?? LOL!!! Pretty eyes 🙂

  4. you have great eyelashes!

  5. you do have great lashes!

  6. ANA

    nice ! i love flaunt it Friday!

    i will copy today!

  7. I love mine too! I would never do fake fake lashes! They are soooo long already! Are yours naturally black??? LOL

    • They’re more of a dark brown. No blondes for me thank goodness!

  8. love your eyelashes AND your baby blues 🙂

    hugs to boomer!!!


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