Weigh In

I first want to say I feel great!  My workouts and eating have been awesome and i’m happy with the way my clothes are fitting.  August was a tough month for me.  My body was going through some hormonal changes and I had my first period “on my own” in 2 years. 


My body is noticeable leaner but not in the spots I want.  My collar bone, ribs and hip bones are showing while my pooch, thighs and love handles are holding on strong.  This is typical.  Those are the last to go.


I use to weigh every day and hadn’t since Feb this year until a few weeks ago.  I didn’t want to weigh this morning either but I had to for my trainer.  He needs an idea of where i’m at.  I have found something that help my mind.  I weighed in kilos.  I don’t know why but this didn’t cause me to freak as much as seeing the pounds. 




Using a body fat scale for better health





55.5 kilos!!!!!  Trainer said that’s great and he wants another .9 kilos off next weekend.



How often do you weigh yourself?  I NEED to at least start weighing once a week.  If not my pants get snug without me knowing why.  I’m not someone who just cuts out bread and loses 10 lbs.  I don’t eat bread.



  1. I usually weigh everyday. Most people say that freaks them out more because they see it go up and down, but for me it’s more of a comfort- like if I know it can change up to 3 pounds everyday I’m more likely to accept it whereas if I weighed once a week and saw it up 3 pounds I might freak! haha 🙂 Sooo umm.. where’s these progress pics missy????

    • I’ll get some eventually 😉 Maybe at 115 LOL!

  2. Julia

    Did you have something like pcos or just female athlete syndrome (no periods)? Struggling the same thing myself and am just starting to look for answers.

    • They’re not sure what’s wrong. I don’t think it’s PCOS. When I was younger and got below 115 I would miss my periods too. I also had a urethral caruncle last year which happens to POST menopausal women. I’m a mess.

      I have started taking a couple of natural supplements and maybe those are helping. 2 natural periods in a row for me 🙂

      • Julia

        I hate to grill ya, but would you mind emailing me or posting about the natural supplements you’re taking? i’m looking to go that route too rather than a bunch of pharmaceuticals.

  3. Lynn

    I weigh in every day. For me, if I lose sight of the scale all of a sudden I put on ten pounds.

  4. Daily and multiple daily weigh in’s for me. Obsessive much? Perhaps. Sometimes I think I would be better of NOT doing it but if don’t I freak out.

  5. I weigh pretty much every day, but I don’t take too much stock in the number as ti fluctuates a lot. I think I weigh more out of habit than anything else.

  6. I often weigh myself in the morning, almost every morning. I do this so I stay within my acceptable range. Most often it’s a good reminder for me to just drink more water that day because I can see the bloat on the scale!!

  7. Im the odd man out, I havent weighed myself in three years. Its for the best though.

  8. I’m in the everyday camp on this subject though I’d probably feel better if I didn’t weigh at all.

    Congrats on doing so great with your training program! It’s got to feel good 🙂

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