Bloggers Unite!

I need recipes that involve almond flour!  JK Gourmet sent me a box to sample and now I need to know what you do with it.  They also sent granola mmmm…I KNOW what to do with that 😉

All products are gluten and wheat free!


So send your recipes my way please!

I’ve had my eye on Lea’s bars for a bit now.  I’m going to make some healthy things for post show treats.




  1. I use almonds fllour for a no-oat oatmeal. Its awesome and low carb!

  2. April

    That sounds wonderful!!!!

  3. april i made pumpkin muffins this morning with almond flour…i made the recipe up so if they turn out good I will blog about them today and let you know :).

    I also make pancakes with almond flour…and a yummy pb chocolate cupcake..that i believe i have on FB.

    i heart almond flour BIG TIME! especially since i cut out grains and am doing the primal/paleo eating now.

  4. Everything I have ever made with Almond flour tastes like ass so I got nuthin lol! “pan”cakes, muffins…yuck yuck and yuck. The pancakes I can never get to cook right and taste horrible no matter what I put in them and muffins come out heavy and dry and blah, I am just not a fan. Hope you have better luck!…ooooh I take one yuck back cause I did make some salmon patties and used the almond flour in place of the crackers and those turned out delicious. 🙂

  5. Deanne

    I’ve used several recipes from that have turned out pretty yummy. 🙂 They were cookie recipes but there are also healthier ones too.

  6. Hey! I do a lot of baking with almond flour and I have some recipes posted on my blog, Frisky Lemon. My favorite these days is for Pumpkin Muffins…but I also have some other recipes too!

    Here’s the link for pumpkin muffins:

    Happy Experimenting! Let me know how you like it!!

  7. I will do the 1-minute muffin with almond meal instead of flax sometimes. Quite good!

  8. for the almond flour…go to my recipes tab

    see raw vegan apple crumble 1
    thin mint fudge
    vegan no bake pumpkin pie
    vegan GF banana crepes
    vegan GF pancakes
    vegan GF banana bread

    need more? email me and tell me WHAT exactly you want to make and i can give you a recipe for it 🙂

    • Thanks Averie! I should of known you’d know how to use it ;0)

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