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I ran 10.6 miles today 🙂  I was emailing with Angela at work and around 2p I got real tired.  I didn’t want to workout when I got home.  Nothing sounded better than sleeping.  So what did I do?  I took an aspirin! My workout ROCKED tonight!

Yowza Keewadin running 

This is going to be a great week.  I’m getting more responsibilty at work and more importantly my sister is coming up tomorrow and my mom is coming up Saturday.  I miss them and can’t wait to see them.


If you were on death row, what would you last meal be?  Mine would be pizza with extra cheese and bacon, and a big piece of chocolate cake 🙂  GAH!  I just got heartburn typing that.




  1. Pizza, Casadilla, Hamburger, Fries, Bread sticks and Lasagna from Olive Garden, Cesar Salad with Full fat Cesar dressing and Choco Molten Lava cake for dessert. That about covers it!! I wouldn’t just want a meal I ‘d want a BINGE!

    Awesome job on the work out. I’m doing P90X with the hubby even though I’m tired and it’s rainy and all I want to do is put on sweats when I get home. The fact that I’m doing this is practically a miracle!

  2. Great run! And you did that on the dreadmill? Phew!

    I think my last meal would consist of a ton of stuff and I would graze until they took me away.

  3. I’m glad your workout was well. I find my best workouts are ones that I had a hard time getting out and doing.

    I agree. My last meal would be just mindless grazing on every dessert imaginable.

  4. Awesome job with that run girl. So glad you get to see your mom and sis this week!

  5. nice run! Did you do that on the “dreadmill?” IMPRESSIVE! I’d say my last meal would be Lobster and butter!

    • April

      Yep, all on the dreadmill 🙂

  6. Damn girl nice job on the run—thats amazing!!!

    I love GC but tried the link and it said I needed a UPC code-boo 😦 But I am loving the links you’ve been providing, I heart free stuff.

    I have absolutely no clue what my last meal I would want would be but I think I am gonna go with sushi

  7. GREAT run!

    hehe mine would be ny style pizza with extra cheese and mushrooms…. OR fried rice!

  8. Have you heard of the book, “The Last Supper”? its a collection of all sorts of famous chefs and celebs answering what their last meal would be.
    Anyhow, I’m gonna go with a classic burger and fries, I’m a purest. maybe a brownie and ice cream if I have room.

  9. glad your workout went well girl!!! I gave you a shout out on my blog 🙂 hmm that is SUCH a hard question!! my meal would involve crust delicious french baguette and lots of high fat cheese. AH i could die happy filling up my belly with good quality bread cheese and olive oil!!

  10. 10.6 Miles!! YOU GO GIRL!! I can’t wait until I’m up to 10 miles on a regular basis. That is SWEET!!
    My last meal?? Um, probably a huge cheeseburger with french fries and mayo on the side. Lots of Ketchup, NOM NOM!!

  11. I miss running 10 miles! You are awesome 🙂 And on a treadmill? Very impressive lady.

    Last meal would probably be extra cheesy pizza, a bag of grapes and if room, a nasty brownie fudge sundae. Just like you, typing that made me feel icky.

  12. Haha, kind of creepy, but I have totally thought about that question about death row before…I am pretty sure I would be too nervous to eat anything! I totally lose my appetite when I am anxious.

  13. have fun with your sis and good for you with the job!

    death row…omg it would have to involve chocolate cookies or choc cake or something along those lines…morbid though, so not gonna over think it 🙂

  14. dmcgirl37

    pizza & ice cream all the way!

    Dana xo

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