Rest is good

 oh boy a poodle  calm down look cool

I admit to being a little antsy right now.  I am taking a rest day and that always happens.  I walked Boomer and wanted more but i’m chillin’.  I had a great time with my mommy today 🙂  We went to the farmer’s market and got a coffee.  She got the mocha java frost and I got the iced americano.  I stashed in a container with a bit of almond milk and stevia and I was good to go.  That puppy had 3 shots of espresso WOO!  I have pictures but it’s late(in my world) and i’m lazy.  It is REST day you know 😉


I can’t wait to wake up and do THIS workout!!  On the weekends I like to mix it up with something different than what I do during the week.  I’m on autopilot during the week it seems.


I took pictures this morning for Tony.  I can tell a HUGE difference from my last pics a while back so that’s good.  I still need to be MUCH leaner at this point.  I’m gonna push through and see what happens.  The biggest changes for me always happen within the last weeks so we’ll see.  I may post the before and afters sometime 😉 


 My mom told me I have lost too much weight and I need to stop.  She hates seeing me like this.  LOL!  The ladies at work all have their little space heaters on and complain about being cold.  I tell them i’m hot and they say…How?  You don’t have any body fat.  So even though I don’t weigh people are noticing and my clothes are getting bigger WOO!  Am I happier as a person?  Yes, I really am.  I can do more pushups, run longer and wake up before the alarm goes off.  I wish I could be like this all the time.  I’ll hit a wall soon but until then i’m riding the high!



What makes you unique?  I would have to say my red hair and my voice.  Think raspier Demi Moore with a bit of a country twang.  Yep, you wouldn’t have thought that one by my picture huh?



  1. I would love to see the before and afters. I really admire that you can be so disciplined to do the competitions. That takes real stamina and determination!

    • Real stamina and determination will be NOT gaining 10 lbs the night of the show 😉

  2. I sent pictures to Tony today too. They were not pretty! But they were motivation for me! Keep it going! You are doing awesome…. and you are motivating me!!! 🙂

  3. Keep it up girl- when is your comp?? Did you say you are doing Bikini this time?? I forget.

    • Nov 13th and yep, i’m doing bikini again.

  4. You go girl-thats awesome! Feeling better and dropping sizes are always a nice thing.

  5. awesome job april!!!! cant wait to see some pics!!!!
    how many weeks out are you btw? and are you making the switch to bikini?
    oh and yeah i agrea with simplyshaka-dropping sizes and feeling better are always a good thing!!!
    send me some of your energy so i can fit back in my skinny jeans! lol!

    • 5 weeks out. I am doing bikini again. Your skinny jeans are probably a 12 in kids 😉

  6. I want to see before and after! I love how I feel when I am losing weight. It kind of sucks though, because when I’m not I get sad!!

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