To celebrate the date I did Cathe’s 10-10-10 workout just now.  It’s an oldie but goodie.  Not too intense.  I’ve also walked Boomer and will be doing Alyson’s workout during the Colt’s game.


The weather is nice…for now.  It’s suppose to get to 88??  It’s October for crying out loud!  You’re suppose to wear jeans when it looks like this:

Brown County Indiana

I forgot to mention that GT’s Kombucha is back at Whole Foods WOOHOO!  I had one Friday and I could tell it in the bathroom department Saturday 😉


Happy Sunday!



  1. I know, so pumped up for GT’s return. Its about time!! Great workout, love that one!

  2. I think that’s the PERFECT way to celebrate 10-10-10 I actually don’t have that workout if you can believe that. Oh, and we’re supposed to be in the 90s again today.

  3. Thanks for the link love! How’d ya like it? Hope you had a great weekend!

    • I loved it! I meant to post about it today and forgot. I’ll try tomorrow 😉

  4. i wished you lived closer…i have SO MUCH EXTRA ‘booch. Seriously i could never drink all the kombucha i make, i would love to give it to you!

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