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I forgot to mention in my finding time post that after my second workout I take another shower 🙂  I just hate when people say “I don’t have  time”.  Just admit you don’t want to make time.  That’s really all it is.  I’m not talking a 2 hour time frame like some idiots HA! 

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I had a conversation with Angela today.  I think we are both on the same page.  Since starting my new job in July I don’t aquire any vacation for 6 months.  I could take a day off but it would have to be without pay.  Since we are traveling to KY we must have that day off for travel and to get tanned.  I talked with Mike as well.  First he was shocked at the cost it takes.  We have our money seperate so he never really asked 😉  I don’t feel bad about this decision.  I feel better than I have in months.  I’m getting leaner everyday and it’s awesome!

NPC Card – $90

Show Fee – $65

Hotel Fee – $115

Tan – $115

Gas – $60 (unless you’re flying)

Trainer – $300 (12 weeks)

Suit – sponsored by

Day off w/o pay – $200

Jewelry – $50 est.

So no more depressing news.  I guess I should tell my trainer too 🙂


What’s Next?

NOTHING is changing!  I was up this morning for a 5.2 mile run, after work I did my weight and another 4.5 miles!  I feel great!  One Pro to all of this is I will STAY lean without the dehyrdration and pigging out afterwards.

Eat up: But only dark chocolate, not high-fat high-sugar milk chocolate, showed tangible benefits

What do you think of the competition cost?  Your NPC card is good for THAT year only.  Meaning I would spend $90 to compete once.



  1. People can spend a lot of money on their hobbies or side sports. I think what matters is how it makes you feel and if you can afford to do it, why not?

    Although seriously – tanning costs that much? I have never tanned, so I don’t have any comparison to it.

  2. I am actually thinking of competing in October. I was also concerned about the cost. But, the comp is only an hour away so flying and lots of gas $ isn’t a huge issue. I have a trainer ’till July but after that I am not sure. The biggest cost of course will be the trainer and suit. I am hoping to buy a used suit from someone if I do buy one but as far as the trainer I will have to work overtime for a few weeks to pay for that. I didn’t even think about the tanning!

    • Tanning is the ONLY part I hate. That’s why i’ve decided to get it done professionally from now on…hence the cost.

  3. Can I ask a dumb question—why does the tan cost so much? What are they putting on you?!

    • That’s not a dumb question! You CAN purschase your own tanner but Angela and I vowed we would never do that again. They have professional tanners who will spray you. It’s a lot less messy and the color looks better on stage.

  4. I guess it really does add up. 😦 Major boo on unpaid work day but you gotta do what you gotta do – i’m glad you’re feeling so great!!

    “I just hate when people say “I don’t have time”. Just admit you don’t want to make time. That’s really all it is”

    A-FREAKING-MEN – my gosh that’s so annoying. I know I do it sometimes with other people, but I guess it’s better than saying “no, sorry, there are too many other things i’d rather be doing than helping you.” hehe

  5. april! so you aren’t competing? ya cost is why i may not compete again. i did it once and had fun. now the suit is for sale and i think i’m done with shows for a long while 🙂

  6. this sounds like a mastercard commercial, whats “priceless”?

    • Gaining 10 lbs in 2 hours following the shows 🙂

  7. I always thought competing would be pricey but have never seen a breakdown before. And my husband thinks it’s bad when I run a marathon–that’s nothing compared to competing! The great news, though, is that it sounds like you are in a very good mind-space in general. This decision may be best for your stomach stuff, too 🙂

  8. yikes. i had no idea it was so pricey! i don’t think i would be willing to pay that much. plus, you probably get a better feeling just being in such great shape–no comp required 🙂 i love the background.

  9. I hate that the NPC cards are so expensive… it makes me want to do more shows than I should… just to get my money’s worth! LOL! Expensive crap! I definitely try to cut costs when possible!

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