Flaunt it Friday

A Ginger without freckles is like leopard without spots.  It’s taken me years to love them but I do now.  They keep me young looking 😉  Can you believe I can spot a new one when it appears?

Do you have freckles?  Do you like them? 




  1. Loving the freckles! Both yours and mine. 🙂 I too struggled to love mine and now, now they are one of my fav things about me!

  2. Freckles are cute! Probably the kind of thing you might hate as a kid but grow to appreciate as you get older. I have a few! Can’t see ’em unless you look close.

  3. I have a lot of freckles, but they are not very dark. I have them especially on my shoulders and forearms. None on my tummy (how weird). I used to rub lemon juice on them when I was a teenager to make them go away (and put it in my hair – hello Sun-In!).

  4. I have LOTs. I don’t love them.

  5. I have a lot of freckles, especially on my shoulders and nose. I’m really indifferent about them! As a kid I hated the thought of them but now they don’t bother me!

  6. You can find a new one.. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have freckles but not as many as you & I think they are awesome!

  7. I get some light freckles when I’m in the sun but not so much now because I’m crazy about sunscreen. Your freckles are so cute 🙂
    P.S. Your arms are rockin’!

  8. I used to have freckles when I was a kid….my dad called me “freckle-face” and “lady bug” because I had them. They have gone away for the most part now.


  9. I’m Asian. I don’t think I can get freckles…boo, because I think freckles are cute!!

  10. Just found your blog..love it! OH, and yes…I am loaded with freckles! 😉 I used to hate them, but then a teacher in high school said to me, “A girl without freckles is like a night without stars.” I began to accept them at that point. I had to get to the point where I embraced the skin I was in. So, they have literally “grown” on me. 😉

    • My mom called them angel kisses 🙂

      I’ll try and post a sample menu day soon!

      • Oh I love the name ‘angel kisses’. That one is so sweet!

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