Flaunt it Friday

Here you go…what you’ve been waiting for 🙂  This took 8-10 weeks.  I still don’t weigh like I have in the past.  That can be good or bad.  For me it’s both.




I feel SO  much better.  I may be leaner now that a week has gone by?

How did I do it?

ELIMINATED DAIRY *GASP*  My body did NOT like it this time around.  No more cottage cheese or yogurt.  I instantly lost some bloat once these were gone.

Upped the cardio.  Cardio is bad…blah blah blah.  Yep, i’d say that too if I were in my 20’s.  Just like some can get away with more carbs than others, cardio is the same.  For me I don’t eat alot of carbs and I do alot of cardio.  Good thing I LOVE cardio!

No more nut butters.  I just couldn’t be trusted with them.  They are back now 🙂  I haven’t gorged down an entire jar either…go me!  I just purchased Nuttzo and can’t wait to try it!


I got this from Lori.  What body part are you loving right now?  For me it’s my butt.  It’s lifting and is round.



  1. Yeah April!!! You look GREAT! I know how it feels to start feeling like “yourself” again!!! I’m into my 4th week doing BFL again and I’ve already had some incredible changes to my physique, finally. Way to go!!!

  2. Looking fabulous! Keep up the great work, girl!

  3. Wow, you look awesome! I’m with Tiffanie – it definitely feels great to start feeling like yourself again 🙂

  4. i think you looked good in both 😉

    Just wait until we hit the stage next year!!

  5. My butt has never been “lifting and round” – you GO GIRL! Great pics – you are definitely leaned out. I couldn’t do no dairy and your cardio puts mine to shame – but I love that you’re like this is it – this is how I did it. 🙂

  6. You look great! You put in the work and you are getting results. For me right now it’s my tummy that I like. I’m getting ready to go on my honeymoon and show it off in a bikini!

  7. Are you bring sexy back, oh ya you are! haha. Looking good my friend!

  8. Margarita

    OMG! You finally SAID IT: You love your butt! I was wondering when this time was going to come. Apparently, it took you 8-10 weeks to say so 😉 WTG girl! You look GREAT!

    And I agree with you on the cardio… I am the same way. I HAVE to do it (maybe not as much as you) but I cannot get away without at least 3 sessions, 30 min each and that’s minimum. I prefer more.

  9. You are looking awesome!! I’ve cut out dairy and feel so much better (well obviously since I’m lactose intolerant) but still! And my acne is gone!

  10. whooo-hooooo!!!! LOOK AT YOU!!!!! awesome progress chica!!!!
    and yeah, i LOVE my cardio and good thing too!

    keep up your hard work april,im so proud of you!!!

  11. Beezie

    Wow.. you look awesome! What does your food intake look like to get lean. Are you a 6 meal a day kinda gal?

    • Yep, 6 meals a day.

      I’ll post a sample meal day soon!

  12. Mary Beth

    Yes! Sample meal day! Agreed!

    And I think you made great look even greater! Nice pics!!!

  13. I think you look great in both pictures but can definitely relate to feeling more like yourself when you are on track with healthy eating, exercising, etc. It’s great to find a rhythm and it sounds like you’ve found yours! Thanks for sharing (and, as usual, inspiring) 🙂

  14. Awesome transformation girl! … dairy bloats me too 😉

  15. looking HAWT girl! yep, I am cutting out dairy soon enough!!! you look amazing! I like cardio too (thank goodness!!)

  16. All of my life I had been paranoid about my butt. And yet the boys seemed to like it. Yet I’d dream of having a really small almost non-existant butt. Thank God Jennifer Lopez came to town. Now I really do like my butt and running and the lower-body work I’m doing is making it better. I’m really focusing on getting that LIFT though, the rounder higher harder bootie. Yea. I’m down with that. Totally. 😉

  17. Like I always say, we are all different & just because one person can get away with less cardio does not mean we all can.. I am a perfect example of a person that eats clean & lifts hard yet I still have to do quite a bit of cardio to stay lean. Now & when I was younger.

    You look great!

  18. looking fab, april! i admire you.

  19. Nice going!

    I once saw an interview with Mary Lou Henner about how she lost weight. She said that once she stopped eating dairy, she lost that bovine look, lol!

    • Thanks Dr. J! I believe that to be true 🙂

  20. Krissa

    WOW! You look great! You really made big changes in a small amount of time. Judging by your pics, we gain weight in the same place…the belly. Now you look super lean and fit! You go girl! Enjoy the nut butters. 🙂

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