Welcome to the Family

Mike carved his FIRST pumpkin ever.  Yes, he’s 34 and this is his first one.  It’ s on the right.  I guess I should put it on the left since he’s left handed?

I love Boomer’s little head staring out the window.


We also bought new trees!  Remember when Old Shady bit the dust?  I knew I wanted a red head tree.  We also got one to block the neighbors window so they don’t feel us looking at them all the time.  Each year we’ve decided to add some trees.  I LOVE them!

Can I just say that trees are expensive!  I feel much better about these purchases than spending money on competition fees right now. 


It’s been a great Sunday.  The weather is awesome and Mike’s friends are over playing cornhole(the game).  Boomer and I went for a nice walk this morning and I did some shoulders, back and leg workouts.  I’m calling it a day now.  I’ve got to get outside and see what these boys are up to.  2 of his friends are in from Austin Texas.


Do you and your old friends still hang out?  I’ve only got one good old friends i’m still in touch with.  I’ve spoke of her before.  Amy, the one that brings out the 10 year old in me all over again.  That’s how him and his friends are.  Do  boys really grow up?  One is a president of a research and development team for a HUGE company.  If his co-workers only knew how silly he really is.



  1. Aw how cute! When we were little our parents never let us carve pumpkins, but we would draw on them! LOL.

    I have been best friends with one girl since I was in 1st grade.. we don’t hang out all of the time but when we do it’s great! She just had a baby and I got to see her..so precious!

  2. love the pumpkins,the trees!!!!
    and nope,i dont have any more old friends,but my husband does! and NO,boys never do grow up!!!i always joke that my hubs is my 4th child!!!

  3. his first pumpkin EVER? Poor mike has been neglected at halloween. hehe!

  4. I can’t believe it’s his first pumpkin. Amazing!

    And no, I don’t think boys ever really grow up. It’s fun to be silly 🙂 I guess I haven’t grown up either!

    The red tree you have is beautiful. We have one in our yard, too 🙂

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