Flaunt it Friday

Don’t call it a comeback…i’ve been here for years!  I’ve just been hiding under a “protective” layer 🙂  Okay, these are extremely bad pictures but my obliques are starting to rock again.


I often get asked how much I work my abs.  I only do abs once a week.  That and calves I never have to “strive” for.  Good eats and cardio for me 🙂  Plus I used to do pilates back in the day???


What’s your favorite ab exercise?  Decline sit ups are mine!



  1. can i borrow your stomach for mexico? I promise to give it back 😉 LOL!

  2. Awesome!!! Are the obliques what you call the boy muscles? Oh gosh, I know what you mean when it gets bloated.. everything sticks out and those become more prominent! LOL

    But you are looking like a hottie!!

    • Yes the obliques…I love that part of a man 🙂 Of course it’s not AS sexy on women but they’re still cool LOL!

  3. flaunt it Friday – love it!

    You look great – i’m with Angela – can I borrow?! LOL

  4. Looking amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Blurry picture or not–your abs do look fantastic!

  6. WOW!!!! awesome job chica!!!!
    proud of you!!!!


  7. WTG April! Your abs are really showing.

  8. hi there!
    LOL @ Beavis & Butthead!!!
    You are looking great! 🙂

  9. Wow, looks great! I konw the amount of hard work it takes to even get a little definition. I have been trying so hard to get some definition and Im almost there,lol! Ive actually posted my latest progress pics and I think Im on the right track! Check em out, let me know what you think?! (www.fitnesslabrat.wordpress.com) 🙂

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