Proud of my man




  1. So does that mean we’ll finally get to meet in Boston?!?!? 🙂 I will be there to cheer on my man as well. We should join forces! Also they run a 5k the day before the marathon, you in?

    • I would LOVE to hang out with you! Redhead’s cheering on our men 🙂

      I don’t think i’ll be gettting there until Sunday night?? Still in planning stage…

  2. Bravo!!!

  3. WOW – that’s huge!!

  4. How exciting! I was born there!

  5. Donna Boudreau

    I’ve been a long time lurker but had to shout out because I’m just outside of Boston. That’s awesome! Good luck to him. I’ve been in Boston a couple of times for Patriot’s Day, we would normally go to the Red Sox game and then catch the end of the marathon. It’s such a great time!

  6. oh wow! how cool is your man?????
    BQ’ing is awesome in and of itself,but actually being accepted “in”?

  7. Ok, so he’s awesome!!!! Had no idea he was THAT much of a runner! wow, congrats!!!!!

  8. Yay!! Many congrats!

  9. Amy Dixon

    If this was facebook id LIKE it!! Way to Go Mike!!

  10. That is SO AWESOME!! What a great accomplishment. Hope you guys celebrated 🙂

  11. And you should be! That is awesome!

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