Flaunt it Friday


If you think you’re insane check out KellyO’s blog.  You then realize you’re kind of normal.  I LOVE her!



  1. Woohoo Miss Woot Factor! You rock girl 😉

  2. Great blog post! You really ARE famous.

  3. awesome!!!!!!!! i can not believe the progress!!!!
    you are a rock star my dear!!!

  4. Great article! It was nice to read some background. And you walked a 5K at 5 mph? How were you not running LOL

  5. Margarita

    I agree with above (Lori) – you can walk at 5.3 mph??? Dang! That’s my running pace… highest one too at this point :-\

    You’re def. one crazy red-head and we ‘nub’ you for that 😉

  6. Love Kellys blog….anytime I need motivation, I wonder there. You go girl…great job!!!

  7. Girl PUHLEEZ, you ARE a big freaking deal!! 😉

  8. Yay for being famous 🙂 And yay for whipping your bod into such awesome shape!

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