I liked it!

Zumba that is.  It was a nice change up from what i’m used to.  I will consider yesterday as my rest day.  It was fun but not as intense as I like.  I did sweat and my HR got up but I like the feeling like your going to hurl workouts.  The instructor was great because her name was April LOL!  No really, she was awesome and very peppy.  I must say that I rocked at Zumba!  You have to be a bit coordinated and my experience in the color guard and dance when I was younger helped out I believe.  Not to mention i’ve been doing step aerobics since I was 14 😀


I do have to say people that when she says SQUAT and LUNGE you are supposed to get low and it will hurt.  Most people wimped out 😉  I guess squatting lots of weight helped me in that department.


Yesterday Mike and I went shopping for him.  He also took me to Whole Foods where I bought a salad for my dinner and he bought a Kombucha for me!  I never thought he would buy that LOL!  He bought new earrings for me too.  Why?  Because I got Associate of the Month at work!  WOOT!

This morning I went shopping for myself.  I first did some grocery shopping and then headed to Kohl’s.  I’ve been feeling fluffy lately.  I know, I know…but it happens.  I ended up buying 3 shirts, a purse and some “skinny” jeans in a size 4 double WOOT!  I’m not a skinny jeans type of girl but i’m going with it.  Kelly would be proud of my latest purchases.  She is my fashion muse.  Her outfits are so cute!


Now i’m off to do some cardio.  I think i’ll do Cathe’s Core Circuit.  I would LOVE to take her classes in person.  She whips my butt at home!


Beef stew in the crock pot for Mike…he’ll enjoy it while watching the Colts!


How are you spending your Sunday?



  1. Woo hoo! I love zumba. I quit the gym (too expensive) so I don’t take it much anymore. I also need new earrings. I have second holes but I never wear things in them!! Congrats on your work thing 🙂 This Sunday I’m volunteering at the NYC marathon handing out water and stuff at the 25th mile. Those people are going to look SO tired.

  2. I need to try cathe’s workouts at home! Do you buy them online?

    • I got most of mine on CollageVideo.com. I know Amazon has them as well.

      You can view reviews and preview videos on Cathe’s site http://shop.cathe.com/workout_dvd_s/1.htm

      They really are awesome and worth the money. They are all chaptered so if you want cardio only, weights only or need a quick one you just go there.

  3. Hey April! Glad you enjoyed the Zumba class! I HAVE THOSE SAME EARRINGS!!! My beautiful step-daughter bought them for me. I love them!

  4. Congrats on Associate of the Month! That’s awesome 🙂

  5. I want to try Zumba but I’m scared to death that I would just look like a darn fool! LOL Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • I’m sure you wouldn’t be the only one 🙂

  6. UM, love all the earrings and SNAP!! So awesome about your size 4s!! You go girl!! I’ll be psyched as hell when I’m back in my size 6’s. I WILL! No if’s and’s or butts!! hahah

  7. awesome about the size 4’s!
    AND kudos to you and zumba! im too chicken sh** to take a class!!!

  8. Yay for zumba! I love how high my heart rate is going and not completely achey the day after. Sigh, so jealous about your WF adventure. I can’t wait til we get one here.

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