So my cable was out this morning when I woke up.  I decided on an oldie but goodie.  After that I checked and cable was back on so I did a 2 mile jog watching the Joy Behar Show.  I’m still killing my workouts although I’m getting bored.  I am doing high rep, light weight circuits and I have to admit I am missing the heavy weights now.  I love the DOMS that come with that.  I think I’ve hit a plateau so I sent an SOS email to my trainer.  He told me he will try and call tonight and he wants pictures this weekend. 

I made Mike some egg salad with my egg boiler again and made myself egg salad.  Literally, egg + salad.

Being a red head is good when you find a hair in your food and you know it’s yours.  On the flip side the short black one you HOPE is your dog’s.  We have tumbleweeds of black hair in the kitchen.  It’s time to sweep again.  This weather is making us both shed like crazy.


At lunch today I bought this:

Apple iPod shuffle 2 GB Digital player - 2 GB flash - Orange

Tonight after work I did Hardcore Extreme.  I did the first chaper.   I just love her videos for a change up.


Can you sew?  I don’t know when or who taught me but I can sew a button or hem pants.  My grandma used to work in a sewing factory so maybe it’s in the blood?



  1. I’m pretty good at mending holes in tops and socks and things like that but that’s about it! I have a handi stitch (of the as seen on TV variety) which I really wanted at one time but have never used it!!

  2. I have the same little iPod and love the build in clip.. so perfect for cardio.. though it did take me a good year to discover putting the headphone cord under my shirt, haha

  3. Nope, can’t sew! I had to take HomeEc in junior high way back when. Even then, it was not my thing & I conned another friend to make the piece of clothing they had us make for the class 🙂

    I have a shuffle too although I sure would like a fancier one so I can listen to the TV’s at the gym! I also have to wear it upside down with the plug in to the ear buds on the bottom because I kept shorting out the shuffle with all my sweat! :-O

  4. I can’t sew but i’m DYING to learn ! hehe SUCH a cute iPod!

  5. I can sew a button but it is brutal. I just about failed Home Ec in middle school. I usually try to get my husband to do it for me 🙂

    Love my shuffle–I have different mixes depending on what workout I’m doing. I’m a dork 🙂

  6. My ipod shuffle is my favorite mp3 player! I don’t ever lose it at the gym because it’s always clipped to me 🙂

  7. yup,i can sew,and have some mad skills when i have to do last minute alterations during contest prep,lol!!!!
    your food pics always look so yummy btw! AND i do hope that was boomers hair!
    and i do hope you can bust through that platue quickly! i feel like im starting to reach one as well….boo!

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