IBS Cure?

What a misleading title huh?  There is no cure or known cause for IBS.  This past Saturday I was in agony all morning with stomach pains.  I’m not sure what did it.  It could have been the green onions I threw on my salad I got at Whole Foods?  While I was there I also got a Pumpkin Beer.  When I got home I laid on the couch for awhile and Mike told me I should just try and drink the beer it may help.  I did and my stomach felt MUCH better?  I would prefer just not to have the stomach problems because the whole time I was drinking the beer I was picturing my metabolism slowing down slower than it already is.  I know I’m mental but that’s okay.


When I woke up Sunday I was a little bloated but feeling great anyway.  No harm no foul.  I had a great day with Mike too.  We watched Shrek and then went up to the bedroom to finish watching it before we fell asleep at 9p.  We are a happening couple 🙂  I love that man.  I also took pictures for Tony.  He said I look even leaner which I don’t believe.  I was a bit bloated but hey, i’ll take it!

Beer belly.


I am WAY behind on Google Reader.  I know when I see my number of missed posts i’m going to freak.  My computer was being worked on all weekend and now it runs great!


10 miles done today WOO!


If I missed anything real exciting let me know please!!!



  1. You do look lean!! Go April!!

  2. Don’t look like a beer belly to me!!!! Hope your tummy trouble goes away soon.

  3. April, your belly looks bangin. Tony is right.

  4. Margarita

    Screw you and your, so called, beer belly! 😛 It’s freaking concave!!! Are you out of your tree???? I would have loved to have this flat stomach right now!

  5. For some reason, carbonated beverages help my stomach as well. I can’t figure out why but hey, go with it if it works, right?

    I hope to god you aren’t serious that your belly is bloated. And I hope you are feeling a lot better today 🙂

  6. You are a lean mean machine! 🙂

  7. Ha – that is a beer belly worth showing off! I keep seeing that beer and have been wanting to pick it up – the next time I spot it, it’s going into my cart!

  8. if you ever say you are bloated again im going to fly to your house and beat u up 😉

    you look great!

  9. What’s really helped me is ground up oats and sf syrup or Almond mik, microwaved. It makes a ‘cream of wheat’ kind of hot paste. Soothing. Your abs are ridiculous! I wish you weren’t so hard on yourself! You are a beautiful girl, have an amazing life, killer personality, and have an amazing body as well!
    Have a great Tuesday!
    ps have you tried aloe? it helps a lot. I mix it up with glutamine sometimes, as it heals the walls and soothes the membranes and lining (or the intestines)~

  10. I think I just might have to pick some of this up, even though it has gluten. hehe!
    and yes, I love runners bodies too (my hubs has the same). Grrrr! hehe! 🙂

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