If I were a car….

I’d be a Toyota.  My monthly oil change only comes around about every 5 months so that’s my reasoning.

2009 Matrix XRS

That is a picture of my ride btw.  I love it!  It’s my second one 🙂


At least now I know why I have been ravenous lately.  I mean literally NOTHING filled me up.  I even ate a whole pouch of shirataki noodles and they held me for 30 mins.


It also explains why when I looked in the mirror I saw this:

Instead of this:

I must note that I wore my skinny jeans to work today also 🙂


What type of car would you be?



  1. Great ride!! Those noodles do nothing for me – I wish I liked them!

  2. Toyota’s rock—what kind is that? it’s cute!

    • It’s a Toyota Matrix XRS…love them!

  3. Margarita

    I want to be a BMW – quality, reliability, sex appeal! 😉 hehe And where the hell did you find the pictures of my fat stomach?! I was playing with my fat like that the other day… LOL

  4. If I were a car, I’d probably be my old car that I loved which was a bmw z3 or my current which is a mini cooper. Both convertibles. Kinda like having a mullet I guess. You can have both professional and part-ay at the same time 🙂 And they’re zippy and you can park ’em anywhere.

    I’ll admit that I only got oil changes on the bmw once a year which is still more than I get on my own 😦

  5. I would be an X5 BMW. I just got rid of mine and miss it so much! I hate how expensive it was to have work done though and I put a lot of miles on that little sucker.

    My stomach does not look like either of those pics, something maybe in between but boy does my ass! I wish I was wearing my skinny jeans but I will be soon!

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