Strong or just crazy

man, i just want 2 pick this thing up & eat it like a cookie lol!….nothin has or will cross my lips 🙂



  1. What in the world is that polka dot stuff on top?? It looks pretty good!!

    • Cookie dough cheese ball 🙂

  2. A little of both!!!

  3. What is that – chocolate chip cream cheese? Yes please!

  4. both!

  5. I am looking at the grahms.. love them!

  6. Holy freaking goodness. You’ll be crazy NOT to try that jazz! What IS that thing on top? It looks like chocolate chip frosting! Is that for realz?

  7. I know exactly what that is and it is one of my favorite things. I could eat the whole blob of that stuff!

  8. Is that cookies and cream frosting?? Yum!!!! That would be seriously dangerous around me!

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