Hey everybody!  I’ve really enjoyed this 4 day weekend and it’s not over yet.  Sunday’s always seem long and I love them.


Thanksgiving morning I woke up and did 6 miles on the treadmill.  It was an AWESOME workout.  I was sweating out of my elbows which I love.  Then it was off to eat!  I did good until dessert time 🙂  I really didn’t over eat dessert it’s just that my body isn’t used to real sugar anymore.  I had banana pudding and pumpkin bread.  Odd since there were brownies and dark chocolate chip cookies there as well.  It was so nice to see my family especially my mom and sis.


Friday I was up early to check out online specials.  You won’t find me out on Black Friday…EVER!  I got my dad new pots and pans as requested.  He is easy to shop for.  I just say dad what do you need for Christmas.  It’s either a hug, socks or something like that.  This year it’s new pots and pans.  I know he wants the Walmart version but I got something a little more sturdy.  Mom wants a Shuffle(since she saw mine) or a decline bench with a leg extension(since she saw mine).  I know these are things she wouldn’t use BUT I just think of all the stuff her and dad bought Rachel and I when we were little.



I’m addicted to this game: http://games.yahoo.com/game/text-twist


I made my first pumpkin pie.  Of all the things my family forgot to make???  My mom made a pumpkin cake but Mike mentioned he didn’t have any pie so I made him one yesterday 🙂

Mike said this was the best pie he’s ever had!  No, really..my hubs is VERY honest so if it wasn’t he wouldn’t have said anything.  I’m pretty awesome when it comes to baking.

Recipe I used.  It actually makes 2 pies.


I’m awesome unless i’m making my own recipes.  Remember the Rotel Chicken?  I made an Aprilized version.  It was made with no salt added tomatoes, no sodium chicken broth and some Mrs. Dash seasoning.  It’s still better than my broiled chicken breasts but it wasn’t the same 😉  Sodium rocks unless you have a body like mine and wake up looking swollen.

Swollen Hand
My Christmas tree is up after searching for our stand for the last 3 days.  The next time we move we’re seriously going to organize better.   We were just anxious to get out of the last craphole.  Now I have PLENTY of room for my tree YAY!
Did you put your tree up yet? 


  1. Is that really your hand? Crazy!! But on a lighter note, I bet Mike is one happy man with that pie. Nice job!

  2. I’m the same way with sugar! I’ve had some real sugar lately and it’s so weird.. my body isn’t used to it at all! But it is pretty darn good 😉

    Is that really your hand?? If so, have you told your doctor about that?? Yikes!!

  3. I hate it when I wake up and my hands are swollen. Not like that of course:-) I didnt make a pumpkin pie this year, and no one noticed.

  4. Your pumpkin pie looks professionally made!

    Sounds like your holiday was wonderful 🙂 And I second you on the Black Friday stuff. I won’t go near a mall. Actually, I try to avoid most shopping until after Christmas. People are too crazy!

    That hand picture looks like an allergic reaction to something…

  5. Those are so NOT your hands!! Right??

  6. OMG I can’t believe your hands get like that!! Poor thing. On another note, I made the rotel chicken last night per your suggestion. 🙂 I’m going to post about it this week – will prob. have it for dinner tomorrow night!

    I hope you’re de-swollen!

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