Bum Hurts

Wow…my bum hurts in a good way.  I squatted and lunged my little heart out yesterday.  On top of that during my ending cardio tonight I did incline walking just to twist the dagger a bit more.  LOVE IT!

huge pain in the ass funny pictures

I’m excited the snow is back on WordPress 🙂  Just stay away in real life please.


I did a “carb up” yesterday.  I forgot to give you all that version.  Just take THIS and add 3/4 cup of oats for breakfast and 4 oz of yam for lunch.  I didn’t have the yam yesterday…wasn’t feeling it.


Are you ready for snow? 


  1. nope!! no snow in my neck of the woods. don’t think i’d every be ready for snow.

  2. eek, I hope it doesn’t snow here. Okay maybe on christmas it would be cool! I am a weeny in the cold!
    Nice bum work girl. 😉

  3. My quads and butt are a little fried from my squats yesterday, too.

    I like snow, and we get a lot around here. Haven’t had more than a dusting yet, though.

  4. Snow would be a total and utter disaster where I live. People can hardly drive when it rains. I wouldn’t leave my house if is snowed!

    But snow at Christmas is really nice 🙂 I do miss it sometimes.

  5. Okay the snow was tripping me up – I couldn’t figure out what was going on – but thank you for letting me know I am not crazy…well maybe a little bit lol

  6. That cartoon is toooooooooooooooooo funny!

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